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My book will be available soon

I am in the final stages of producing my first book. It’s called “Invisible” and is a collection of writing about the Roma communities I have visited over the last five years (known as The Roma Series” on this blog but will contain extra material that has not been published here). It’s around 10,000 words and features over 50 of my own photographs.

We are in the middle of the “Decade for Roma Inclusion” so I am feeling that this is the right time for this work to be seen. My eventual aim would be to find a publisher or distributor of a “proper” book but first, it will be available as an ebook at an affordable price. It will be fully designed and and laid out professionally as I am lucky enough to be surrounded by talented, creative people.

If the book is a success, some of the profits will go to directly help the communities I have been involved with (of course).

I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has self-published their own book or anyone who has any ideas or contacts for publishers that might be interested in turning the ebook into a paper and ink book. I am aiming to have the book available for download by the end of the month.

Let me know what you think and what sort of price range you might be willing to pay for it. There is a lot of information out there about pricing ebooks but I would like to hear from real people who would be interested in buying it.

Thank you very much.


  1. Cinzano
    September 8, 2010    

    Congratulations on your first “book”.

    But a bit of advice if i may, change the picture on the front cover, it looks like a scene from Gurmit’s nightmare.

  2. Piers
    September 9, 2010    

    Check out it might well be of interest to you

    P x

  3. September 10, 2010    

    i can’t wait to buy your book! i so research in this area…

  4. September 10, 2010    

    Thank you for your suggestion Piers. I have checked out Lulu but it’s not really the right solution for this book. I would have to charge over 30 euros and I think that would prevent many people, if not most, from buying it.

    @JustMe, thank you for the encouragement. It should be finished and available by the end of the month.

  5. ?ia
    September 10, 2010    

    Around 15 to 25 euros depending on paper quality and pictures would be an ok price, I suppose- for a printed version
    Around 10- 15 for an e-book :)

    Best of luck with your projects, looking forward to reading the book soon.

  6. September 11, 2010    

    Hi DD long time I have not been here and so much I have missed. A huge congratulations on your book and the amazing work you have been doing all these years. I actually came here to see if you had written anything on the Roma being driven out of France – havent got there yet but will keep looking.

    Will definitely recommend the book and read it myself.

  7. September 11, 2010    

    Thank you Mia, I was thinking around the same kind of price range.

    Hi sokari, I really hope all is well with you! I’ve been a bit out of the blogging loop too. Not reading much or commenting like I used. A lot going on in my off-line life that has prevented me being fully engaged here.I can’t go into it here but perhaps I can drop you an email? i’ve been more on facebook pages with the French Roma crisis than here. Anyway, great that you came by and thank you for your kind words as always.

  8. September 16, 2010    

    If you want a traditional publisher (not a vanity publisher–beware of scams) to publish your book, you’ll want to put together a book proposal for them. I’m assuming that the process for European publishers is at least mostly similar to that in the US. In the US, the book doesn’t need to be complete for a publisher to consider it–especially considering the time, expense, and footwork that goes into a nonfiction book like you’re working on. 10,000 words is quite short for a full-length work, so you might publish your e-book and use it as a basis for your proposal (there are *so* many useful resources on the web for book proposals; I’d start with the websites of publishers and agents who work on such books, because they can guide you to what they’re looking for).

    To find those publishers, you might just find books like yours in the bookstore–books covering various social justice topics, ethnic studies, racism, etc. Look at who published them, look up those publishers on the web, and find their submission guidelines from there. is a US-centric website and I’m not sure if you’re looking to be published in the US or Europe, but either way, it’s searchable by topic, which would lead you to legitimate agents who represent your kind of book, and then a little Googling would give you their website and blog, if they have one. A lot of agents blog these days and give great advice to authors like you looking for information on writing a killer book proposal, etc.

    (BTW, I found your site because I wanted to know more about the Roma people than Wikipedia could give me, so thanks for all the good information.)

  9. pj
    September 17, 2010    

    Hi DD,

    Is this the sort of thing you had in mind? I see they also offer “consumer pricing” on the Radiohead model (i.e. each consumer decides how much he/she wants to pay for the product) which might be an option to consider.

  10. September 17, 2010    

    @ Thank you so much for the information. I realise 10,000 words is probably short for a book but this will also showcase 40-50 photographs. So it’s more of a photo “diary” type thing (without being twee). Anyway, I will follow your advice and look into it. Thanks again.

  11. September 17, 2010    

    Thanks PJ. I have joined Smashwords and I am looking into it as another option.

  12. September 17, 2010    

    Thank you Mia. I’m going for 14.50 euros. I’ve based this on all the feedback I’ve had which has been extremely useful to me.

  13. kat
    September 24, 2010    

    My only experience is with traditional publishers, and you need to read an entire book about a process that involves building credentials over several years, crafting a marketing strategy or having a platform from which to launch, if you’re not already famous and/or in the professional writing industry. Why? Publishing is a business. Unless it’s a sure-fire bestseller, publishing houses will rarely take on a book of 10,000 words with 40-50 photos by a first-time author because it’s too risky and too expensive to produce. Many won’t even look at a proposal unless you’re represented by a literary agent.

    You can read more about publishing in, “Nonfiction book proposals anybody can write: How to get a contract and advance for your book” by Elizabeth Lyons. Or choose another of the same genre…or search online as others have said.

    Self-publishing is vanity. Traditional publishers will rarely take on an author who started their career with a self-published book, and few success stories travel this route though much has been made of the ones who did. Most people who sell thousands of e-books and cross over have appealed to a specific, mass need or get millions of visitors to their website (LOL cats, Stuff White People Like, etc.). Even Smashing Magazine can’t get a traditional publisher. You can read, “Self publish or not?”