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Reception Centre Funding

As part of a new action plan to deal with illegal immigration, the government hopes to have identified several new sites by the middle of this month for the construction of new reception centers, which will likely be funded by the European Union.

Kathimerini understands that a meeting was held at the Citizens’ Protection Ministry last Tuesday during which a team was formed to seek out potential sites for the construction of these centers. There are plans to build one in Attica and one in Evros, northeastern Greece, as soon as possible. They will each have the capacity to house up to 500 migrants.

Currently, most immigrants awaiting deportation or for their asylum applications to be processed are held in police cells because there is a lack of reception centers. It is estimated that on any given day.

Read the full article at Kathimerini


  1. gurmit
    September 8, 2010    

    Hi DD,

    Last night I had a dream and you were in it. I dreamed that I finally was able to come on a trip to Greece. My hotel, however, in spite of being $240 a night was small and infested with lots of cockroaches that hid behind the curtains though. Then from the window I saw this Chinese guy jump from the roof of an eighteenth story building. I ran down to help him. Then you came along. I said we should call an ambulance but you said that was not the thing to do there but just to carry his body and put it by the trash for the garbagemen to take away. Then other stuff happened that wasn`t that great either.

  2. Cinzano
    September 8, 2010    

    You see DD, you’re giving people nightmares. :)

    Stop with the constant drip feed of negativity – we all know that Southern Europe isn’t as bad as your portraying it on your blog.

    Greece needs tourists to help it get back on it’s feet but they won’t visit Greece if poeople like you constantly paint nightmare scenarios. Stop giving Greece a bad rap and post something positive for a change. Your blog exudes negavitity, even the title is negative – “THIS IS NOT MY COUNTRY!” – it’s something people would say while bolting upright during a nightmare induced by reading your blog…

    Gurmit, i hope you’re alright after your shocking dream. Greece is nothing like DD portrays. It’s full of nice people (nicer than the UK), and their hotels are excellent and you’ll be treated like a queen. Greeks are noted for their hospitality and friendliness towards foreigners.

  3. gurmit
    September 9, 2010    


    I think my new job is probably what gave me nightmares (I got some every night for the last few weeks about all sorts of stuff, and it could have been my vacation too which included some folks threatening to push others out of 7 story windows and then others threatening to do it, why they wanted me along I guess to decrease tension and so on. I didn’t know it was all drama and was quite scared the first few days. Nothing comes for free, not even a vacation). I spend 10.5 hours at work and then have at least 5 hours of work when I get home. It is actually ok now that I have spent a couple of weeks, but I was real scared at first because I was told I will be kicked out if they don’t like me and I get tested every month. Of course, they still may kick me out as happens to quite a few folks. I just thank the lord I have no children for they would get dreadfully neglected right now, and I feel bad for my poor cat, who is so clingy when I come home.

    Thanks for being concerned about me. I’m always ok except for being crazy.