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Jewish Museum Defaced


Vandals painted red swastikas on the walls of the Jewish Museum of Greece in Athens.

The July 22 attack marked the first time that the museum has been the target of anti-Semitic expression, according to an Athens community news release.

Greece has been beset by a chain of anti-Semitic events this year, including twin arson attacks on the Synagogue of Hania, vandalism against Jewish cemeteries in Ioannina and Thessaloniki, and an attack against the Holocaust memorial in Rhodes.

Security cameras recorded the eight perpetrators during the museum attack.

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  1. gurmit
    July 27, 2010    

    My guess is that the Greek P.M. has probably condemned this anti-Semitic incident strongly. At least he should have since he is trying to secure stronger ties with Israel. I even think he was in Israel on July 22 when this attack occurred. I know some Jewish people were not happy with him not condemning an anti-Semitic incident in Greece among the Greek public even though they were happy that he condemned it in writing within the Greek Jewish community. It will be interesting to see how close Greece can get to Israel. It is not a dumb move at all.

    India is a country that has really strong ties with Israel but there is also a trend there for glorifying Adolf Hitler ( a Bollywood movie is coming out this year called “Dear Friend Hitler”, the Mein Kampf has become a national best seller, and Hitler is a text book hero in schools in at least one state controlled by nationalist Hindus and maybe in more for they control a quarter of India’s states and have the same ultimate agenda, to rid India of non-Hindus) has Israel concerned to the extent that it has sent people to India to educate people about the holocaust.