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Green Roofs

Via the Athens News

PART dreamer, part practical community builder, Yiorgos Detsis is the mastermind behind, a specialised eco-portal spreading the word of what could well be the eco-friendliest revolution this country has ever seen.

Apart from cataloguing a good number of local green-roof professionals, it offers interested parties all manner of useful information from owner testimonies to discussion forums that will bring you one step closer to making your life a better place.

“The main reason I started this website was to collect and catalogue the little available information that was floating around,” says Detsis, a web designer by profession. Although his vocation of choice made the undertaking a whole lot easier, it didn’t bring him any closer to supplementing his income.

Apparently, that was never the point. “I started green roofs about 2½ years ago, right after the devastating summer fires in the Peloponnese. It was a product of a very agonising time that had suddenly turned everyone into an expert. My idea was to do something other than speechifying,” he says of his pet project. “It has nothing to do with turning a profit – it’s just an effort to unite people in the green-roof industry in this one portal where they can get to know each other and get their message across.”

Read the full article at the Athens News. You can also join Green Roofs in Greece on Facebook.

Also in the Athens News this week

MOVING to Greece twenty years ago, Clements planned to continue his career in investments. Instead, his love of plants eventually led him to learn everything there was to know about greening
your roof from scratch. With a team of civil engineers, architects and environmentalists, he gave an eco-facelift to some of the most high-profile roofs in town – including the Greek treasury – and is one of the few local experts who can provide some historical background on this fast-growing trend.

“I started out as an investment consultant in Britain twenty years ago,” says Clements of his distant past in the financial field. “I came to Greece on holiday one summer and I loved it, so I went back to London and told my employers I was going to emigrate. ‘What are you going to do?’ they asked. ‘Oh, I’m sure I’ll find something,’ I said, brimming with the unfounded confidence of a newcomer.”
And indeed he did; only it wasn’t exactly what he thought it would be.

Read the full article at the Athens News


  1. June 11, 2010    

    Liking the idea and having just the space to do something like that, I went to look at the site. I found it to be utterly useless (ok, I didn’t spend more than 5 minutes on the site). It seems to me that short of “grab a thick wad of money and throw it our way to get you a stylish green roof”, they have nothing to offer.

  2. gurmit
    June 12, 2010    

    This is quite neat. Green roofs are great for the environment and even for businesses as some restaurants and such can plant their herbs on their roofs.

    Another cool idea, though at a different level, that I came across in Vancouver some years ago was the idea of people helping seniors who are no longer able to pick fruit from the fruit trees in their yard. They’d give the seniors half and give the other half to charities providing food to people like impoverished expecting mothers, the food bank, etc. Before some of these seniors just used to watch their fruit fall and rot. People can do all sorts of stuff if they try.

  3. gurmit
    June 16, 2010    


    Though I haven’t done the research needed to really make up my mind, I intuitively think green roofs are a good thing.There also has been a lot of research done all over the place for their benefits. I know in some places in North America you get tax breaks for having a green roof.

    Here are some links you might want to see if you already haven’t. Hopefully they will be worth something for your time. I think in Europe the technology is probably more advanced than in North America but these are all North American pieces, the Canadian ones in my area.

    Have fun finding out if they really are useful or not from your own research.

  4. July 24, 2010    

    I think green roofs are a great concept. They are beneficial in so many ways. First of all they dramatically reduce the amount of water runoff into the storm water system. They also help protect and insulate buildings from heat and cold. Green roofs also produce clean oxygenated air. Plus there is the possibility of growing useful plants such as a vegetable and herb garden that could offset grocery bills. They are a great feature that I think should grow and spread as people get more use to this new idea.