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Immigrant Vote

Via the Athens News

IMMIGRANT issues in Greece soon will be moving to a new venue – the campaign trail.
For the first time, immigrants in Greece will be able to vote in municipal elections. Up to now, the ballot box was open only to Greek citizens and other European Union nationals residing permanently in Greece.

Much has changed since the 5th century BC when Metics (non-Athenian residents) were denied the right to vote in Athenian democracy even though they were taxed and ordered to serve in the military.

A new legislative amendment passed by ruling Pasok makes immigrants eligible to vote in municipal elections.

Please read the full article at the Athens News for details on who is eligible and how to register.


  1. Post Disagreement
    June 2, 2010    

    this is stupid…then whats the point of citizenship.

  2. The Verve
    June 2, 2010    

    The ruling party is simply running short of Greek voters it can no longer dupe, after 30 years of toxic politics it has had involvement in. It now needs to create new voters by acting as some kind of messianic figurehead to the immigrant community for all their issues. One day the immigrants will wake up and be just as fed up as the Greeks are, and they will create their own political parties. We’ll see how the Pasok, ten or twenty years from now will enjoy their ever dwindling support base.

  3. gurmit
    June 3, 2010    


    Maybe the immigrants will create their own parties, or just split up their votes equally with other parties, which is what seems to be happening in Canada with some immigrants. I stopped voting for any of the parties and I am not the only Canadian to feel this way, immigrant or otherwise. It is quite wrong and a part of one’s duty as a Canadian to vote (in Australia you get fined if you don’t vote). I’m contemplating starting to vote again after over 15 years, but when I take a look at the people who are leading and how lame they are, I just think why bother.

  4. The Verve
    June 3, 2010    

    Well Gurmit, there can be benefits but also clear dangers with how immigrants decide to vote. The biggest, most likely beneficiaries of the immigrant vote after Pasok would be KKE & Syriza….if any of these two parties ever comes to power in Greece it will be the mother of all catastrophes. It will make the Greece of today with all it’s problems look like paradise once one of these two parties ever helms power.

    KKE as you may already know is a bonafide communist party i.e. epic fail. Syriza is also not too far behind, another destructive far left party that will turn Greece into another Cuba given the chance. Both of these parties have wanted the citizenship of immigrants and their subsequent vote for far longer than Pasok has, because the only Greeks that vote for them are the lunatic fringe. Hopefully immigrants that do get a chance at the polling stations will exercise enough discretion to keep the most destructive parties out of power.

  5. gurmit
    June 4, 2010    

    Hi Verve,

    I don’t know what kind of views the immigrants of Greece hold. However, if they are anything like immigrants like Canada has, the communist parties of Greece will never get too much support from them. Interestingly, in Canada, a person from India, Hardial Bains, founded the Marxist-Leninist Party in Canada. However, only a few hundred people vote for it nationwide. Most of them probably aren’t immigrants either.

  6. The Verve
    June 4, 2010    

    The problem is that both KKE & Syriza have been very chummy with the immigrant community for many years now. Furthermore KKE usually comes in at 3rd place after the two big mainstream centre left & right parties, Pasok & New Democracy without the immigrant vote. There is a big possibility that when immigrants start voting they may very well be supporting the far left, not good for the future of Greece.

    Pasok & ND may both have a terrible track record but you just won’t believe the crap comes out of the mouths of far left politicians. Their anti-Hellenic, anti-American, anti-EU, anti-Israel and anti-capitalist rhetoric is beyond belief. They would like nothing more than to see Greece turn into a lone pariah state of South-Eastern Europe. Greece simply does not have the luxury to pick and choose it’s friends, it needs to exercise good relations with as many countries as possible. At least the centrist parties with all their issues of nepotism, corruption etc. are smart enough to know this and try not to burn bridges. George Papandreou in particular, to his credit has done a pretty good job so far in the PR department. A lesser prime minister would’ve completely buggered up Greece’s chances of a bailout and the country would be in a far worse position than it is today.

    Many of my non-Greek friends who have followed the news regarding Greece’s financial troubles have been impressed by how Mr. Papandreou has articulated his views. He comes across an intelligent, charismatic fellow with his head firmly screwed on…the same cannot be said about many opposition parties in the Greek parliament. Even plenty of other European PM’s don’t hold up too well next to Papandreou with their terrible engrish and akward facial expressions. Greeks may had few options when last they went to the polling stations but they did choose the best man for the job this time.

    It is important that immigrants follow suit, and vote not with their hearts but with their heads. Since many immigrants in Greece happen to be followers of Islam, they may be seduced by the far-left’s staunchly anti-west position. They need to think of themselves, their families and how they will be able to put a roof over their heads and food on the table….the far left will not make that easy if they ever come into power.

  7. gurmit
    June 5, 2010    

    Well,Greece will just have to cross that bridge of an extreme left handed party being voted in when and if it happens, Verve. Hopefully for the economy of Greece it won’t happen, at least not anytime soon. I tend to think extreme leftist parties spend too much and leave others to pick up the pieces afterwards. The immigrant vote would just be a minority vote anyway even say if all immigrants decided to vote for one party.

  8. June 5, 2010    

    I don’t believe that immigrants are any more or less likely to vote for extreme parties than the rest of the Greek population. They are not blind to the nonsense that some of those parties spout. I get the general feeling that immigrants are liking Pasok with Papandreou and that most of the immigrant votes will go to them.