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Rape Trial Update

Here is part of the article published in Ta Nea by Stavros Theodorakis about the recent rape trial fiasco I wrote about here and was published on Saturday March 27, 2010.

She agreed to meet with me under one condition: that I pick her up from the metro station. We could have a cup of coffee and discuss whatever I wanted, but after that I was to return her back to the metro station. She did not want to walk by herself on the streets of Athens.

As I waited for her at the exit of the Megaro Mousikis metro station, I wondered how it was possible for a woman to be so scared. I had read her whole story in the papers: she was a tourist in Athens in 2005. At the Acropolis she was drugged and then raped. The police mishandled it, the trial still has not taken place.

On her blog, Natalie announced that she was returning to Athens, in an ultimate effort to put her rapist in trial. Men and women from Montreal have sent her messages of moral support and are writing harsh comments with respect to the Greek Justice system. Everybody knows that her effort to bring her rapist to justice started in August 2005. A picture on her blog has a message for all men: “Real men don’t rape”. It is written in red ink on the belly of a half-naked woman.

Please read the full article in English at The Beginning of the End

Please read the full article in Greek at Ta Nea

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