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Technical Trivia

These days we are increasingly connected via social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, YouTube. We are no longer just visiting our favorite websites and blogs but connecting to them via third party applications that keep us informed of new articles and updates. As some of you know, I love tech stuff and I love trying out new plugins, applications or anything that helps me get the word out about what’s happening in my little corner of the blog world.

I have made a few additions over recent weeks and here’s an explanation of them for those who are not so familiar with techie stuff.

I have added a Facebook Fan Page for the blog. You will see a Facebook Fan Box in the right hand column of the sidebar. It is rather too large for my liking but there is no re-size alternative that works at the moment! Becoming a fan means that you can connect to all my posts through your own Facebook page. You can also send news articles and photos, join in discussions and receive messages from me to events of interest. You can also bookmark the page without becoming a fan from this link.

I also have a Twitter account in the same column, a little further down. The Twitter updates gives you the title, the first few words of each post and a URL that will take you to the actual post on the blog. I occasionally post short updates that do not appear on the blog. I am intending to tweet more often… Follow me on Twitter here

With both Facebook and Twitter, you have to have an account to follow me. So how can you get updates from THIS IS NOT MY COUNTRY without joining another social network? You can subscribe to my rss feeds. They are at the top of the left column in the sidebar. From there you can subscribe to my posts, the comments or the community news. You can also subscribe via email where you will automatically receive a message each time I write a new post.

I noticed recently that Gravatar have updated their profiles. Gravatar is a globally recognised avatar. I use it on this blog so that you can have your own image appearing next to your comments instead of the “Mystery Person” or the Gravatar logo. All WordPress bloggers have it built in but if you don’t have a blog, you can still have a Gravatar. Just go to the Gravatar website and sign up. All you need is an email address. I think it’s a nice addition to comments around the blog world. I always love to see people’s personal avatars. Give it a go….

You might have also noticed that I have added Adsense advertising back on this blog. This is my second attempt at bringing a little cash in from blogging. I failed miserably the first time I tried, probably because my blog doesn’t get enough traffic for the google advertising bods. Anyway, I’m going to give it a couple of months and see if I can earn more than 0.03 cents per day! If nothing happens, Adsense will be gone. I’ve had a lot more luck with Text Link Ads anyway. If anyone has had any success with Adsense, I’d love to hear from you. I’m not very business minded so I’m having difficulty understanding what works and what doesn’t. Reading through the Adsense help files sends me to sleep.

So that’s all for now. If you have any problems with any of the technical aspects of the blog, please let me know via my email. Have fun with the new toys….

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  1. gurmit
    April 1, 2010    

    Yeia sas one and all,

    I didn’t know where to fit this so here it goes.

    Have you guys heard the latest on the attempts to change the modern Greek alphabet by the Hellenic Linguistic Society, the Greek Association for Language Reform, the Greek Society of Alphabet Smarts, and others? A new letter to replace the me pe combination for the B sound in English is going to be found. One argument is that it will save typists time. Other combination replacements are also being considered. They’re still deciding if they are going to borrow symbols from the Latin alphabet, make up new ones, or maybe take them from other alphabets. They are also thinking of eliminating spaces between words for it would reduce paper consumption by quite a bit over say a year and require more dedication from students.

    What do you guys think of all this language reform business?

  2. gurmit
    April 2, 2010    

    OK folks,

    Since April Fools is over even in Canada (though not on the west coast nor in Alberta)I might as well admit it. The above was just an attempt at an April Fool’s joke and the linguistic societies are not real. Of course, all of you were too smart to be taken in. I was fooled but only because my brother and sister-in-law don’t care about being ethical in their jokes or playing them when people are still in bed just waking up and will believe anything. (They actually belong to a small group of people who don’t believe in spaces between words in some special writings.)

  3. April 2, 2010    

    lol :-)
    .-= deviousdiva´s last blog ..Technical Trivia =-.