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Rape Trial Update

There is an update to the rape trial invoving Natalie Karneef who courageously wrote about her experience here and is pursing the case through the Greek courts. The pre-trial meeting has taken place and she and her team are awaiting the next step.

I’ll wait until tomorrow, when we’ll know a lot more, to go into detail. I’ll just say that, on the drive back home, I felt amazingly at peace. Meeting the people helping us out in this case, and seeing their passion and the attention they’ve given it in the flesh, I am confident that we have the best chance possible for a positive outcome. My cousins stayed in the next room for the entire meeting. (“We didn’t want to leave you alone,” Sofia said, shrugging. “You’re our responsibility.”) You’d be hard-pressed to be in better hands than I am in at the moment.

You can read the full post here and I will keep you posted on any news I hear.

Best wishes to you, Natalie. My thoughts are with you.

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