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Anti-Racism Rally

Via Kathimerini

Residents of Hania as well as teachers and students staged a demonstration in the Cretan port yesterday to protest a string of racist attacks in the area in recent weeks, culminating at the end of last month in an attack on a teacher who had swastikas carved into her skin. “We are marching today to remind young people that their grandfathers fought so that the swastika would not fly on flags in the Cretan sky,” a protest organizer said. Police said they believe the perpetrators had targeted the 27-year-old teacher because she had been offering Greek language lessons to the children of immigrants.

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  1. gurmit
    March 11, 2010    

    I feel bad for the teacher who was attacked and am glad people are coming together to do something about the violence. On February 21, 2010 in Canada, in a small community in Nova Scotia, an interracial couple had a cross burning on their lawn and the words, “die N.. die” were heard when they went to investigate.There was a rope on the cross symbolizing the hanging of black people by racists in the olden days too. Apparently, one of the people responsible is related to one of the victims. Hate crimes happen everywhere including in places like India. I think hate crimes will probably rise in Greece, especially if immigrants get the right to citizenship. They will probably also rise due to the economic situation. Fear of course does nothing but give the perpetrators what they desire. Sometimes people who are scared of being attacked start arming themselves or learning martial arts. So it isn’t always safe for the perpetrators either. In Canada I know of a woman who, over 20 years ago, shot and killed a racist who wouldn’t stop attacking her and her family while her husband was out of the country and one night came with his fellow racists and broke into her house. She was hailed as a heroine and a movie made of her (In Canada anyone without a criminal record has the right to have a gun or even quite a few. A blessing I think. The police usually can’t make it in time if someone is really being attacked and people should have the right to guns to defend themselves.) Hopefully, the police will crack down hard on those who commit hate crimes in Greece. I know there is one Canadian in a Greek jail for drug smuggling. In Canada he would have gotten 3 years -at the most. In Greece he was sentenced to 18 years. He escaped after serving 9. He was caught a year later, just a few months ago actually, in the Netherlands and sentenced to go back to jail in Greece. He will get even more time now I’m sure. I think Greece did send a very good message to Canadians interested in drug smuggling in Greece though this individual probably had his rights violated by not being allowed to serve the rest of his sentence in Canada (I am not too sympathetic towards drug dealers after having seen some of the effects of drugs on young people and the way their families suffer. Good for Greece for being so tough on drug crimes!). Hopefully, the Greek authorities will be just as tough on hate crime people.

    On a different note, congratulations to Greece for no longer having to have visas for visits to the U.S.

    Yeia sas

  2. gurmit
    March 11, 2010    

    Oops, just checked Canadian gun laws. We don’t have the right to have a gun for self defense, at least not since 1995- only for hunting, subsistence,target practice, or collecting if you don’t have a criminal record, take a gun safety course, and register the gun(s). That is terrible (not that I even have a gun but I should have the right to have one for self defense if I so wanted, but heh, I do have an umbrella and some hefty dictionaries in case someone breaks into the house at night and my cat could bite them too).

  3. adelah
    April 8, 2010    

    rallying and protesting is absolutely necessary in combatting anti racism, and making sure that racist ideas are not brought up and spread by other people. But how would you deal with fascism during 1936 when there was a huge spread of fascist ideas in Europe? This video shows the Battle of Cable street which took place during this time in London. It’s about the protest that took place between local people, the police and a large fascist organisation.