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Technical Problems

Some of you may have noticed my comment on one of the threads here, saying that I am having internet problems and have been unable to access my dashboard. We switched from OTE to Forthnet a couple of weeks ago and have had problems ever since. We THINK the problem might be the old line running into the house or perhaps the router. Anyway, a technician from Forthnet is coming this morning so hopefully, things will be sorted out very soon. As always happens, the internet seems to be stable right now (but no phone!) so I’m going to try and post this before we get cut off again.

I lost my temper a while back and wrote a post called Time for Banning. The problem with that post was that it was written out of anger, something I have rarely done. Since then, there have been some very nasty comments and accusations flying around and people seem to be more focused on getting their insults and rudeness posted than they are in the actual posts.

I also recently upgraded my WordPress but didn’t check or update my banned list. My mistake and I apologise. Some of the people who were on that list are now able to comment and others are not. I am not sure why. I’m pretty good with techie stuff but there are some glitches here that I don’t know how to remedy.

Let me just say this: I have no-one in my banned list at the moment. So the person that keeps screaming about being banned needs to calm down. A long time friend of this blog had the same problem commenting here a while back. His comments got dumped into my spam list automatically. I have no idea why this happened but I do know that WordPress is not perfect and does sometimes mess up. Also, I do delete spam automatically because I get so much and don’t generally read through it all for the odd legitimate comment that gets filtered there. Sorry, but I don’t have time. So please calm down. I will be updating the banned list as of today, assuming Forthnet sort out my connection problems.

If you find that your comments are not getting through, please change your nickname. You will have to wait until your first comment with a new name is approved and then you will be able to post normally. If your comment appears and is then deleted, it means that it was unapproved by me and your name will go on my banned list. Sorry people but you did this yourselves. No-one has EVER been banned for asking questions, arguing with me or anyone else in a respectful manner, disagreement or putting forward alternatives. We can have discussions, even heated ones, without resorting to rudeness and bullying.

BTW: To the person that started a blog in response to my supposed censorship etc, (I will not advertise a blog set up to attack me), I get notification of blogs that link to me 😉 ! I hope that it will be a satisfying outlet for your pent-up anger towards me. Good luck with that and thanks for making me laugh.


  1. gurmit
    February 25, 2010    

    Hello DD,

    I hope the technical problems get worked out. The blog started about you will probably publicize your blog as well as a paid advertisement. As for it making you laugh, I had a good laugh today at a situation that many years ago would have made me so mad. I was taking my mother to the bank. She is a senior who needs some eye surgery and can’t see too much these days (just cataracts but she wants the surgery in BC rather than Ontario when we move there fairly soon). Anyway these silly adolescents got the bright idea of throwing a snowball at her and then hiding behind a parked car. I went and gave them a lecture, a polite one but that had no effect of course. It amused them as I knew it would. They were getting the bright idea of throwing another snowball, were forming it and all, when I threw strategy two into action. I took out my cell phone and pretended to take a picture of the thrower and said the words security guard loudly (we were in a mall area). Boy, you should have seen the three run. I have been living in large cities for many years and haven’t had an incident like this in years, but I grew up in a racist little town in northern British Columbia where they were all too common- only the things thrown were usually beer bottles, rocks, and eggs. When I was really little it was even more vicious. Racists would actually knock at the doors of Indo-Canadians and punch them, knock people’s teeth out, suspend them from the bridge over the main town river (the Fraser, no small stream). Sadly, the Indo-Canadian men basically had to travel in groups to and from work. They also showed they were capable of real violence if attacked, with axes and stuff even (that town has a real big gun culture too, my brother-in-law was shocked that you can even get them from supermarkets. One time in high school for Halloween I wanted to dress up as the headless horseman for the costume contest and wanted a gun as a part of the costume. I phoned the principal and asked if I could bring it there. He told me to bring it to school and he would inspect it. I walked a mile to school carrying it. Nobody batted an eye and he was fine with it. It was a real gun, a few feet long, looked like a rifle, even though it was not too potent like my dad’s AK-47 and other types . It stayed forgotten for three months in my very messy locker along with the prize I won for the costume(some chocolate bars) then I walked home with it but broke it in half swinging it at trees and stuff and pretending it was a crutch.Boy I miss my town, and I am not kidding. The scenery was so great. Ontario is ugly and so flat.) These three kids today actually were members of visible minorities themselves. Racism works all ways of course.

  2. Gurmit
    February 25, 2010    

    In case you think I might have gotten those kids run over by pretending to take a picture, there was a big empty lot between the parking lot and the road. My mom kept saying that if there had been cars they could have gotten run over.

    Also, uh, on my dad’s guns, they were all registered by the police, but they all got stolen when he left town. He bought some more and those were stolen too (half the people he rents homes and apartments to seem to be criminals, he even drives some to the jail in the next town on the weekends. One nearly killed me because I laughed so hard. He wanted to drink really badly but the liquor store was closed. So he drove his car into it and took some bottles and ran. He was chased by the police until the town garbage dump in his car and then ran on foot. They didn’t catch him in spite of helicopters and dogs but ran back home. Some of his renters plant marijuana too. The police caught one recently and tore up his plants in the back yard. If you plant under a certain number, apparently, they don’t charge you.)

    You know, when I came to Greece a long time ago, like in 1987, there is something that happened that I will always remember.

    It was a day in Athens during which we were allowed to just hang out the hotel, the Krystal or Crysatl, or go shopping. I chose to stay at the hotel and hang out in this large room with lots of sofas and a bar in the corner and study for a chemistry test I had to write on the first day back to school. I was the only one for hours but in the afternoon four people came, two men and a lady holding a small child of one or two. I would never do this now but I was extremely immature, even for sixteen, back then. I approached the people and talked to the man who could understand English for a minute and asked if I could hold the baby. He told his wife and she passed the child over. Then I asked if I could take him out of there. They said yes. I believe I took the child upstairs, to show to my friends and teachers not gone shopping, . The first person I bumped into was Mr. G, my previous year’s French teacher. He asked me who the child was. I said I didn’t know but his parents said I could carry him around. Mr. G was horrified and told me to go return the child at once. So I did. The child hadn’t cried or anything but was glad to go to his mom.

    The people weren’t dumb or anything. They knew I was harmless. Them trusting me like that was just so great. There was something really beautiful about their trust and politeness.