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Time for Banning

Honestly people, I’m sick of this.

The next person who tells me how I should run this blog is banned. If this bickering and harping on about the past doesn’t stop, you will be banned. I have only banned three people from this blog in four and half years but enough is enough. I have deleted more comments than I care to share with you. I have never deleted comments whining about how unfair I am but will do from now on. Get used to it after all this time. This is my blog and I will run it in whatever way I see fit.

Only my own comments are a reflection of me. You have to take responsibility for yours.

Starting from today, now that I am back in a more concentrated way, ANYONE who insults another person on this blog will be banned. Fullstop. You can change your name, come back and try again but you will simply go on my banned list (including your IP address) once again. That applies to EVERYONE. And don’t come back at me about free speech. The people I am addressing this post to, know who they are. I have given you ample opportunity to voice your opinions. All I asked is that you remain polite and respectful, no matter how much you disagree with someone. You have used and abused that privilege here and I have better things to do than babysit a bunch of moaning (supposed) adults.

I hope that’s clear.

Apologies to everyone else. I just had to get that off my chest…


  1. December 17, 2009    

    Righto, girl! I haven’t commented a lot because by the time I arrived here, what had to be said was said already, moreover I usually read your posts through my RSS reader. I think you have been very lenient all that time, I don’t think I could have shown as much restraint if it had been my blog. With these your new rules this blog is only going to be better for it.

    Peace. Out.

  2. Thomas The Tank Engine
    December 17, 2009    

    That’s all well and good DD, but why have you decided to start banning people at the same time that Double Standards Agency has asked you some pretty reasonable and valid questions? It’s looks a bit funny when you’ve decided to ban people when you’ve been challenged to come up with a reason why you’ve allowed such offensive generalisations on your blog.

    You can ban me if you wish for bringing this up, you can ban Double Standards Agency for obviously striking a nerve with you but it will only harm your reputation and your integrity if you ban people for asking questions. It doesn’t look too good when a human rights activist bans posters for merely asking reasonable questions in a polite manner. Especially when you allow some pretty disgusting views and vulgar language to go unpunished for so many years. It will give credence to Double Standards Agency’s assertion that you secretly agree with Xenos’s offensive opinions about Greeks. Why else would Xenos get so much slack from you when at least four others have been banned from your blog for causing exactly the same offence as Xenos? I am really shocked and disappointed to read your response to Double Standards questions. Your threats to ban people for asking questions are not what i expected to ever see on this blog.

  3. Thomas The tank Engine
    December 18, 2009    

    I do not agree with Xenos or any number of people who have been rude and made some very dubious comments.
    You have not read my blog for that long so you know nothing about past incidents with people

    How do you know what i’ve read and what i haven’t read? In order to make the comments I made about this blog, i’ve read as far back as June 2005 – I’ve read this blog enough to know that you’ve allowed Xenos to post his offensive comments for almost five years!

    The Double Standards comment was just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    Indeed. The Double Standards comment really must’ve struck a nerve.
    You might not like Double Standards’ comments, but judging from your over-reaction and your threats to start banning people, there must be a semblance of truth in his assertions. Why are you dodging his reasonable questions? Why have you posted the awful “Time For Banning” post? It really is an out-of-character post. You launched an attack against your contributor as soon as he posed a simple question to you? Why?

    Double standards asked you a simple question: Why have you not banned Xenos for making offensive generalisations when you’ve banned others for the same thing? It’s a simple enough question and he asked you in a polite and respectful way. Do you want to ban Double Standards for that?

    Whatever dictatorial measures you take in your blog, whatever voices you try to silence, the fact remains that Double Standards didn’t break ANY of your Comment Policy Guidelines – he asked you a simple question in a polite way – he highlighted the fact that you’ve banned others who have made offensive comments against Roma and blacks but you have allowed Xenos to spout his offensive diatribes against “peasant Greeks” for over five years. This leads to the conclusion that you apply double standards.

    You claim that you do not agree with the vile and disgusting generalisations Xenos has said about a whole group of people (who you claim to be among your friends). But why do you ban anyone who delivers hate speech against another group i.e. Roma but you allow hate speech against Greeks?

    I do not agree with Xenos or any number of people who have been rude and made some very dubious comments. I have stated this publicly many times and I have contacted several people privately about this subject.

    How many public warnings and “private contacts” will you make until you finally ban offensive generalisations from being made on your blog? I bet the Greek nationalists who you banned didn’t have as many warnings or private contact as Xenos has had from you. Five years of offensive remarks and Xenos is still posting here? Unbelievable.

    I think Double Standards’ post exposed a very obvious double standard in which you ran away from, instead of confronting. The truth is, you failed to answer his question because you cannot defend the fact that you allow people to make offensive comments in here, but only as long as they’re against Greeks.

  4. December 17, 2009    

    I am not banning ANYONE for asking questions!How on earth did you read that into my post. I suspect that anything I do or say will annoy and upset you. I have no sympathy for people who have been involved in forcing me into this role. You know who you are.

    So, be as shocked and disappointed as you like. You have not read my blog for that long so you know nothing about past incidents with people and the crap I get almost daily in my inbox. Sorry but enough is enough. This sniping and silliness HAS to stop because it has put many, many of my supporters off even reading this blog, let alone commenting. That is more cucial to me.

    I do not agree with Xenos or any number of people who have been rude and made some very dubious comments. I have stated this publicly many times and I have contacted several people privately about this subject.

    The Double Standards comment was just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    Deal with it.

  5. Thomas The Tank Engine
    December 18, 2009    

    Actually, the title of this thread is making me feel ill. It’s condescending and patronising. I don’t think the contributors of this blog deserve to be “talked down to” like that.

    If you can pinpoint a particular transgression of your Comment Policy then please highlight it and issue any “warnings/bans/private contact” to whoever broke your rules, but please don’t talk down to all your contributors like that.

    Your post is very ambiguous and very aggressive. It certainly leaves us none the wiser who actually broke the rules and who is going to get banned. I’d bet my mortgage that it isn’t Xenos though. “Time for banning” for Xenos was five years ago but he’s still here, amazingly enough….that’s the problem.

  6. December 18, 2009    

    One: I have not banned Double Standards

    Two: Yes, I am angry and this post is very aggressive. I think it’s about time considering the abuse myself and others have recieved here on my own blog

    Three: I do not have to keep explaining my decisions. I haven’t asked you to moderate.

    Four: The people addressed in the post know exactly who they are.

    Five: My blog is not even five years old so how can Xenos have been here for longer? Actually, he has been here for just over two years just as many others who I disagree with on a regular basis, have been. Get your facts right before wrongly accusing me.

    Six: I wrote a post a while ago, begging people to stop arguing and dragging up the past. It was completely ignored and the bickering and insults continued. If this is the only way to take back control, then so be it.

    Please note: I haven’t deleted your comments even though you have repeated insulted me. Why? Because I would like a chance to defend my actions and it would make my comments very unclear if I were to delete yours.

    Do you see my dilema? I’m wrong if I do, wrong if I don’t…

  7. Diva fan
    December 18, 2009    

    Diva, This Tank Engine/Double-standard person (whom we all know who he is) is baiting you as he does to Xenos all the time. You cannot win with him. This can be quite entertaining for people who do this. My (unsolicited) advice is just ignore his posts as you have to do with other posts here. I don’t think you owe anyone an answer. Actually, do you think the “Huffington Post” and other professional blogs answer every crackpot who posts “strawmans” for them to answer?

    Diva, we support you. Focus on that and not the oddballs who may just want to entertain themselves with rambling histrionics.

  8. Unbelievable
    December 18, 2009    

    Why are you constantly banning my comments?

  9. December 18, 2009    

    Also posted on “Religious Icons”

    Can everyone please calm down.

    I’ve had some comments that have automatically dropped into moderation because of flagged words not because of banning. This system has been in place for ages and includes certain swear words. This is because certain words often indicate that the comment might be problematic.

    If your comment does not appear immediately it is in moderation. It does not automatically mean you are banned. If you change your name, the first time you use it, you will drop into moderation. This is not a new procedure. Once your first comment is approved, you are free to post.

  10. Literacy
    December 18, 2009    

    If your comment does not appear immediately it is in moderation

    Now if that was true, proxy wouldn’t work. Not that I judge you, this is your blog and you can ban anyone you feel like. It would be nice to show us a list though, I tried to post twice before I figured out my IP was banned(OK so I’m slow).

    Finally I’d like to point out that the success of this blog must also be contributed to its commentors, even those you don’t agree with. Especially those, because what’s the point of having a blog where everyone agrees with everyone, it would be like Carebears only without the baddies.

    This! Is! Not! My! Blog! (Epic, isn’t it?)

  11. December 18, 2009    

    You probably won’t believe me but no-ones ip address is banned. If I did that many people would not know how to post under a different name with the same computer. It would defeat the point I made before about people being able to start with a clean slate wouldn’t it ? Anyway, I’m shutting down my computer now. I will try and get to my dashboard tomorrow.

    Goodnight all. Perhaps we’ll all be calmer after a sleep?