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Football Racism

Via the Bangkok Post

Panathinaikos striker Djibril Cisse on Monday threatened to report Greek fans to European football governing body UEFA following racist insults he received in a friendly in northern Greece at the weekend.

Panathinaikos striker Djibril Cisse, on Monday threatened to report Greek fans to European football governing body UEFA following racist insults he received in a friendly in northern Greece at the weekend.

The 28-year-old French player was on the receiving end of remarks by a few spectators during the friendly between his team and Olympiakos Volos on Sunday.

“I didn’t come to Greece to receive racist attacks and for fans to make monkey sounds every time I touched the ball,” said Cisse.

“This is the first time in my career that I have been treated this way. What happened today I will not allow to go unpunished.”

Cisse, who in June signed a four-year contract with Panathinaikos in the most expensive transfer in the country’s soccer history, scored in the match won by second division Olympiakos Volos 2-1.

“After I scored the goal I went to the fans and told them to shut up and they threw bottles at me, and I threw one back at them,” Cisse said.

Cisse criticized the referee for not taking action when he told him that the fans’ behaviour was bothering him.

Olympiakos Volos issued a statement Monday criticizing their fans’ actions.

“We denounce the sporadic incident which came from five to 10 mindless people which cannot blacken yesterday’s match which was festive,” the statement said.

Panathinaikos did not comment on the matter, but coach Henk Ten Cate criticized Cisse for throwing the bottle back at the fans.

“I cannot justify that action. A Panathinaikos player is a professional and should not act that way even if they are treated that way. But he told me that two times he told the referee that fans were throwing bottles at him but he did nothing,” Ten Cate said.

If Cisse does report the incident to UEFA, heavy sanctions may be brought against Olympiakos Volos and the Greek federation.

Although I understand his rage, I sincerely wish that he had not thrown a bottle back at “fans”. This action does not help the fight against racism at all. Having said that I hope he does report the incident.

Please see the website Let’s Kick Racism Out of Football

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  1. Travlos Konstantinos
    September 8, 2009    

    To be fair DD, Greek soccer hooligans will dress anybody with terrible insults whatever there race. They just tailor it to the target.

  2. MenacingPlebs
    September 8, 2009    

    Greek footy hooligans will freely call northern Greeks boulgaroi, southern Greeks hamoutzides or albanoi and so on. :))

  3. Xenos
    September 8, 2009    

    The usual Greek lack of respect for “rules” and also for people they disagree with… I think that Cisse was entitled to throw bottles back, if the referee did nothing to stop the bottle-throwing. Why should we obey the rules when Greeks don’t?

    (And yes, this is a generalisation — a very accurate one!)

  4. MenacingPlebs
    September 8, 2009    

    What is the generalisation? That “you” (the Romulans?) obey the rules? :))

    The fans(=fanatics) probably enjoyed the fact that he got pissed off. He is a professional, they aren’t. Talk about losing the moral high ground. :\

  5. Xenos
    September 8, 2009    

    Actually, there are two generalisations in there. One is that Greeks never obey the rules, unless you have some physical threat against them. The second is that professionals are expected to follow the rules, even when all around them refuse. Maybe if you are an overpaid filmstar or footballer this is reasonable: for most of us, it is not.

  6. MenacingPlebs
    September 8, 2009    

    Yep but I found the “we” generalisation funnier because the “we” is left to the psychic to guess!

    People have actually attempted to physically harm you and abused you verbally in such a way? If not, you have a nice analogy between money and abuse. :))

  7. Travlos Konstantinos
    September 8, 2009    

    Sorry if insulted you have a moral right to react. The whole you have to take it to satisfy the barbarians doesn’t work. You smash the barbarians and then civilize them.

  8. Travlos Konstantinos
    September 8, 2009    

    Actually please disregard the previous message it is thoughtless. Still being insulted does give you a right to react. If DD can delete it perfect.

  9. Xenos
    September 8, 2009    

    LOL Konstantine. Actually, I think you were correct with the first message. All the evidence suggests that, globally, people who do not respect the rules and others will not change without the reality of physical force being used against them. That force can be through legal process, of course, or by using more naked aggression. The problem we have in Greece is that the corruption and incompetence of the legal system more or less rules out the idea of justice for anyone.

  10. Footy Fan
    September 9, 2009    

    I think Cisse should not have thrown the bottle back. That was a mistake on his part.

    HOWEVER, I sincerely hope he presses the racism charges against the team and the Greek league who did nothing to protect players against this type of thing. Anyone who goes to a Greek Basketball game can attest to coins being thrown etc, and some of the Top players (read American) stating they may not renew their contracts due to this bullcrap. Sure, fans in other civilized countries sometimes misbehave, but the authorities in these civilized countries HAMMER them hard with arrest (certainly for throwing bottles–ASSAULT and BATTERY).

    Maybe if the foreign players in Greece can group together and start a campaign of continually reporting the nonsense here, it will force the Greek authorities to change their NON-ACTION.

  11. WTH?
    September 9, 2009    

    “You smash the barbarians and then civilize them.”

    Feel free to belong in the same league with the great people who, historically, thought the same thing. I guess you understood what you wrote and eventually called it “thoughtless” but I agree with the first part of your message.

  12. September 9, 2009    

    I agree with you Footy Fan. I definitely think that Cisse damaged the fight against racism by throwing a bottle back at fans. Racists will see that action as “proof” that people of colour in general are naturally hot-headed and violent. That is not to say that I don’t understand why he did it. The club should be working flat-out to protect players (they are employees after all) from racism. If it really is only 5-10 “fans” who are behaving in this disgusting way, then it should be easy to ban them from matches. That takes effort though and from what I see, I don’t think there is a will to clamp down on violence at matches. Whether it’s football or basketball.

    I also find it very sad that I can’t take the kid to basketball games for fear of violence. He’s an avid player but what kind of message is he learning from seeing the way some of these “fans” behave. Very sad. The clubs really need to clean up their act and ensure that matches are restored to what they should be. Exciting, fun and safe.

  13. Cyd
    September 9, 2009    

    Oh please. Aside from the bottle throwing from both sides, which should never be condoned, the fans did what they should do, get under a player’s skin and throw him off his game. Now everyone knows he has a weak spot that will be used against him time and again.

    All the evidence suggests that, globally, people who do not respect the rules and others will not change without the reality of physical force being used against them. That force can be through legal process, of course, or by using more naked aggression.

    What a surprise, coming from a marxist. Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Xenos. Who’d ever thunk it?

  14. September 9, 2009    

    Professionally speaking Cisse should not have thrown the bottle back but report it to FIFA to make sure Greece gets finally punished for the habitual racism of the fans (towards PAOK and AEK players as well as foreigners etc.).

    But if you people read the Greek media you would find NO – and I repeat NO m- mention to the racist dimension but just the bottles one. You would find then that everyone accused Cisse of overreaction: he allegedly threw a bottle back. No reference to the fact that he was enraged by racism.

    And the referee did nothing with the racist fans – unlike anywhere else in Europe- just as Greek Appeals Court judges acquitted Greece’s modern Hitler – Plevris.

    Racism is mainstream in Greece – tolerance is not tolerated.

    The Un two weeks ago issued very harsh warnings on that but no Greek media reported a thing. I hope DD does this soon.

  15. September 9, 2009    


    “fuck your mother” – I hope I got your weak spot

    it is the usual slogan in Greek football games and you seem to approve of that method even when the weak spot relates to race which those setting the rules – FIFA- BAN!

  16. September 9, 2009    


    I do not consider throwing bottles as a proper response from fans. That they did what they SHOULD do?

    I DO understand that the other team might look for a weak spot but shouldn’t that be WITHIN the game? His weakness as a player?

  17. Xenos
    September 9, 2009    

    It is predictable that someone obsessed with the idea of “race” would consider racist taunts as nothing more than finding a “weak apot”. It is also predictable that such a person would be fully supportive of racial attacks as a legitimate activity by the crowd. Forget genetics — such people are just pieces of shit. (Although maybe it is not their fault, if genetically they were destined to be pieces of shit.)

  18. Cyd
    September 9, 2009    


    I never said bottle throwing was acceptable. I said it was unacceptable from both sides and should never be condoned.


    Those are your fans and your sport. There have been worse things seen and done at soccer events. Taunts done by paying fans towards a professional athletes are commonplace. Racial taunts, certainly unsavory, served their purpose, which was to get under Cisse’s skin. Do you break driving laws, PD? If so, then you can save your “BAN” remark.


    Don’t you have to create your lists of people to be rounded up, beaten, and/or executed that do not agree with your POV, you vile POS?

  19. Cyd
    September 9, 2009    

    That is, after your fans are finished singing your praises on what a well respected academic you are! LOL

  20. September 9, 2009    

    equating racism with breaking driving laws – The banality of evil as Arendt would have said – typical of racists and fellow travelers

  21. Oath Taken
    September 10, 2009    

    DD unfortunately organized fans wield a lot of power in Greek sports. The reason why deserves an essay of its own :-) and I have no time for it now but suffice to say that it is all intertwined with the team’s economics and the political clout the team’s owner can claim. Few team owners (or even worse, coaches) have dared to face head-on the monster they’ve bred. And when they did (as Nikolaides did in the case of the AEK hooligans) they instantly get transformed from team icons (as he most certainly was) into targets of vitriolic hatred.

    That said, don’t fall in the trap of interpreting all ugliness in Greek sports as racism-related. The coins and bottles in basketball have a generic target and they are not meant just for the American or other foreign players for example. The racist taunts on the other hand are exactly what they are – and UEFA should punish the team as well as the league so that (a) the referee in question loses his position, (b) other referees in the future think thrice before ignoring such behaviour and (c) all teams start taking such incidents very seriously because they start costing them money.

    As for Xenos’ infatuation with punishing Greeks (“naked aggression”, “physical force”) I would suggest (since he insists on staying in Greece and prolonging his self-admitted suffering) a good psychologist. Of course his country has in the past used naked aggression (as early as 1850 with the Pacifico case – using the same pretext of human rights violations you are advocating, and in 1853 with the Crimean War) against Greece. Who knows, maybe your wishes will come true and next time we have a Cyprus crisis the British will not stop at electronic interference and send instead the SAS to clean house.

    As for PD, please leave out AEK and PAOK fans (including myself) and players from this discussion. Not only did we not ask for help from people that side with the those wishing us harm on every occasion, but to call us the taunts against us racist is a direct affront! Certainly the stupid Bulgarian and Turk epithets are meant to be insulting but the people they are being addressed at are neither – in fact the insult is that refugees (AEK) are being called Turks or refugees and other Macedonians (PAOK) are being called Bulgarians (ie. in both cases being identified with the butchers of their forefathers). So most certainly this is not an example of racism towards PAOK and AEK players or fans. Unless of course you actually believe that the former are Bulgarians (don’t let your OT buddies hear that) and the latter Turks. Moreover by painting an image of Greece that appears to be as racist as the heartland of the American deep south you’re doing a disservice to your own self-proclaimed aims – the reaction to your hyperbole from most people is to throw away the baby with the bathwater.

  22. September 10, 2009    

    “people that side with the those wishing us harm on every occasion”

    I side with the UN and the Council of Europe when they apply human rights treaties. The rest are slanders that yesterday in court neo-nazi Zafiropoulos (LAOS candidate and publisher of Eleftheros Kosmos)used in vain as he was nevertheless convicted for insult against me (see

    Since DD has not posted anything yet please go to the latest UN text on racism in Greece:

  23. Xenos
    September 10, 2009    

    only one person with histrionics is clearly visible here.

  24. Cyd
    September 10, 2009    

    Not sure who you are speaking of. Would it be the person who advocated violence as a solution to “rule breakers”? Yeah, I can agree that would be histrionic, as well as psychotic.

  25. Xenos
    September 10, 2009    

    I can understand why you would be so opposed to real penalties, such as physical violence, for racist crimes. After all, you would have had your neck broken several times by now, if more people had my views.

  26. Cyd
    September 10, 2009    

    Anecdotes and strawmen are for idiots. Coming from the chief idiot, who constantly smears an entire nation as “peasants”, this sort of “justice” seems a bit archaic from such a civilized soul, wouldn’t you think? Vigilantism and mobacracy was done away with how long ago?

    But do keep talking as the material you provide is priceless.

  27. basil
    March 1, 2011    

    Cisse’s excuse is lame. Classless hooligans fans will do anything to get to an opponent’s head. And, with Cisse, it works. Otherwise, how do you explain that THE SAME fans that tried to provoke and get to Cisse, cheered on players like Yaya Toure and Babagida when they were playing for their club?
    This is just a lame, lame excuse. Like it or not many football fans are just like that. A world class player should not let that affect him, especially the oppesite fans