The only thing necessary for the persistence of evil is for enough good people to do nothing


[Photograph from Noborder Camp Lesvos 2009]


Via Noborder Camp Lesvos 2009

200 people will be released from the detention centre today.

They will not be thrown into the streets, rather they will be brought to an existing facility. They will also receive the “white paper”, giving them a semi-legal status for 30 days and granting some freedom of movement within this short period.

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I am posting one of the videos that are circulating on YouTube showing the conditions of the overcrowded detention centre at Pagani here in Greece, holding hundreds of undocumented people. I am doing this because I know that the vast majority of people reading blogs do not follow links (I am just as guilty at times). It is important that the world sees what is going on here.

Please also read Black Cat Red Cat’s passionate plea to spread the word.

I am deeply ashamed of being a citizen of Greece and of the European Union.
I am enraged that I have so far been blind to the true horrors of what my government, with the full complicity of the European Union has been doing.

and see the images from the detention centres from Afrodite Al Salech at ???????? ??????? ???????

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  1. Travlos Konstantinos
    August 25, 2009    

    I have to say two things. While this is no place for people, and especially women and children to be kept in for a long time, I am glad to see that there spirits are still holding, and they do seem to be healthy.I feared things might had been worst. Is that the result of municipal and volunteer work or of central government?
    I am tending towards thinking the first, but would be glad to be wrong.

  2. August 29, 2009    

    oh!!!what’s happening….what did the government doing>????/it looks like a jail….there are many undocumented people in Greece…Hope the government will make a move for this problem…