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DD Live

It’s Thursday and you know what that means ? DD live is tonight. All the instructions are below. Hope to see you there later.

The DD live chatroom is permanently open but Thursdays are the scheduled chat day.

The room is password protected, so to get access for the first time, send me an email saying who you are and I will send it to you. I only consider people who have commented here before or at other blogs I frequent and those I feel would be good community members.

Once you have the password, it will be the same each time you visit. I will only change the password if people start misbehaving! In that case, I will send well-behaved members the new one! I will just say the following, for the record.

Please treat the room with respect and be very careful who you invite in. I do not want to have to block the invitation facility but I will if necessary. I would like to see this place as being a cosy, cool place for us to meet up in from time to time, to talk about anything that’s on our minds or just to chill out in and have a bit of fun.

This might all sound a bit harsh but I tend to approve most people who ask so please don’t be put off by the process. I am simply trying to protect our space from trolls and idiots.

See you all there one of these days.

Regular meet-up on Thursday Nights at the following times:

18:00 – Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo
20:00 – London, Dublin, Lisboa
21:00 – Rome, Paris, Madrid, Tirana, Berlin, Lagos
22:00 – Athens, Cairo, Beirut, Amman, Minsk, Johannesburg
23:00 – Nairobi, Baghdad, Moscow
23:30 – Tehran
00:30 – Mumbai, Delhi
04:00 – Beijing
12:00 – Los Angeles, Vancouver
13:00 – Denver, Edmonton
14:00 – Chicago, Dallas
15:00 – New York, Toronto, Kingston
16:00 – Halifax, St Johns

The check-in is here

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  1. Travlos Konstantinos
    August 1, 2009    

    Once more I am hacking on this thread DD to bring to your attention a non-immigration issue. Below is a link to the video about the History of Parthenon created by the famous expatriate director Kostas Gravas. I think it is very beautiful. It was censored of course by the official church (Who as my Kephallonian sinopditis Laskaratos said, has some problems being Christian at time).