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DD Live

I have decided to host an informal DD Live on Thursdays. I cannot promise to be here every week but you don’t need me to have a get together! During the summer months at least, when life is a little more relaxed, I can try and be host. For now let’s stick to the old times and see what happens!

18:00 – Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo
20:00 – London, Dublin, Lisboa
21:00 – Rome, Paris, Madrid, Tirana, Berlin, Lagos
22:00 – Athens, Cairo, Beirut, Amman, Minsk, Johannesburg
23:00 – Nairobi, Baghdad, Moscow
23:30 – Tehran
00:30 – Mumbai, Delhi
04:00 – Beijing
12:00 – Los Angeles, Vancouver
13:00 – Denver, Edmonton
14:00 – Chicago, Dallas
15:00 – New York, Toronto, Kingston
16:00 – Halifax, St Johns

You can pop out the chat window which is in the right sidebar. Please put a name in the box to prevent confusion. See you online!


  1. Marcy Webb
    July 2, 2009    

    DD, would you explain the schedule, for those of us who may be newbies to DD Live?

  2. July 2, 2009    

    Sorry Marcy! The old DD Live was every Thursday at the times (across the globe) above. Hope to see you very soon!