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Michael Jackson

Several emails later… I feel the need to say a few words about Michael Jackson. I was never a fan of his. I was into the gloomier, more dangerous sounds of my generation.The King of Pop was candy floss to me. Sweet but pointless.

I guess I’m going against the current grain by saying, that although it’s very sad that he’s dead, it hasn’t torn me apart in the same way as it has his fans. I’m shocked only because he was way too young to die.

The one short phase when MJ really got to me was when I was pregnant and he brought out “Earthsong”. Every time I heard it, I cried. Something to do with bearing a child that would grow up in the world we were destroying. And I’m sure one of the lines was ” What about baby boys?” and I was carrying one. I probably got the lyric wrong as is often the case with MJ but I still like to believe that that is what he sang. (Please don’t spoil it for me!) Anyway, it was the one Micheal video that made sense to me. The one time when I felt he was truly angry and honest.

I also loved “They don’t really care about us” (not the prison version!) and how (seriously) amazing are the drummers!

See the video here

The rhythms and the passion. Apart from that, I recognise the huge impact Jackson had on our lives in terms of pop music but his anger and honesty in these two songs are what I will always remember about him. Not the rest of the pointless ramblings. I can’t say I loved his music anymore than I can say I hated it. I’m sad that he died, in the same way that I am sad that anyone that young dies.

It is human to mourn famous people dying. It reminds us of our own mortality. I cried when Princess Diana died although I am completely against the monarchy. I’m sure this post will upset a few Michael Jackson fans out there but this is how I feel…

Sad that he’s dead but looking forward to getting back to talking about other current news…

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  1. Marcy Webb
    June 29, 2009    

    Hi, DD.

    Thank you for your post. It is a marked departure from the hype and celebration tributes that are overwhelming the MSM and the blogosphere. I a not suggesting that folks shouldn’t “mourn”, if one can call it that. But, we didn’t know MJ personally. Yes it’s a significant loss, and yet, it is a tragic end to a tragic figure who led a tragic life in his last years.

    A Twitter friend put it best, I think:

    “…yeah, tragic all around. i feel for their families; personally have a hard time grieving too much over celebrities i never knew.” True. It is hard enough to grieve when it is a loved one in one’s own family

    What really troubles me is the ambivalence of the Black community here in the US. Black folks who called him crazy, sick, and who had rejected MJ outright, especially when he went from dark to light, are embracing him and his passing as if he were one’s black sheep uncle. And, few people of color in the MSM or the blogosphere has mentioned the allegations of MJ’s pedophilia.

    I really don’t get my people sometimes. I really don’t.

  2. June 30, 2009    

    He is a legend and his songs never die