The only thing necessary for the persistence of evil is for enough good people to do nothing


I have never done this before but I am now in a position of “going solo” with this blog and need to pay for transfers and monthly fees. It doesn’t seem like much but over the years it adds up!. What I am asking is very simple… if you can donate a couple of dollars to this blog (and I promise not to spend it on mint chocolate chip ice cream), please consider it. I will put this button in the sidebar in a few days. I hate to do this (and please be assured that I will find a way to continue) but there’s no harm in asking right?

In the interests of full disclosure, this blog will cost 120 dollars per year to run. I will probably go back to running a small advertisment here as well as accepting any pennies you can spare. The Paypal button below can be used for Visa, Mastercard and American Express (and Paypal of course, if you have an account)

Please email me and let me know if you have made a donation so I can thank you personally.

Thank you so much for all your support, kindness and understanding.


  1. Michael Scowcroft
    May 27, 2009    

    Hi DD, i don’t have a paypal account but i’d like make a donation – please email me here “micky_metal@yahoo dot co dot uk” if you have any payment options other than paypal. Cheers, Michael.

  2. May 27, 2009    

    @Michael Scowcroft
    As far as I understand,you can donate to my Paypal via visa and mastercard etc using the same button. Let me know if you find otherwise. Thank you so much.

  3. post disagreement
    June 11, 2009    

    okay so now its a human right to be a citizen just because your parents who came uninvited illegally decided to give birth in that country. the only country like that is the USA and even there people debate the correctness of this concept.

    But again you can not compare Greece to USA anyway.

    I think the people who live there..menaing the Greek citizens should have a say about who can and can not become a citizen.

    I think there should be a procedure that makes it possible for perople who are children of LEGAL immigrants or at least legalized immingrants to get citizenship but then it should only be granted based on the number of new citizens the current citizens feel willing to accept.

    I.e, it should not be a RIGHT to be a citizen if they are not Greek ethnically, but a possibility.

    Greece and I would say most European countries are ethnic homelands of unique ethnicities and basically giving citizenship rights to someone just cause they were born in your land is silly. Can I be a resident in your house just cause I broke in? and ask you to pay my education and health insurance?

    Greece was carved out of the old ottoman empire to be a Greek ethno was not founded to be the land of give me your poor your tired huddle masses..i.e, USA . even the USA was not founded that way..Originally the founders only wanted Northern European Protestants as immigrants..(besides slaves).

    This girl can have a wonderful future in Ghana which is the only country she has a right to be a citizen of, unless of course you are racist and think there is something inferior about Ghana.