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On Plevris

A recent article on the aquittal of Plevris, the self-described nazi, fascist, racist and anti-Semite, is posted at Comment is Free in the Guardian Online.

In other words, although he wrote extensively about the advantages of Jews being killed en masse, he didn’t really intend for any to be killed. The trouble with this argument is: how and why should we believe him? When Mein Kampf was first published in 1925, there were those who believed it was the ranting of a mad man, and that nothing would come of it. How wrong they were. If only this unmistakable warning had been heeded.

The acquittal of this man, who wrote blatantly provocative literature, which idolises those who committed the most terrible crime against humanity of all time, is the deepest possible insult to democracy. The right to speak and write freely is invaluable in a democratic society, but this right is no longer deserved when one’s words seriously hinder the freedom of others. When others are put in danger by a fellow member of society, his actions have curtailed their freedom and he has abused our liberal values.

The comments that follow are also very interesting.

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  1. Nemesist
    May 30, 2009    

    Yes, the comments are quite interesting. As interesting as half a dozen jews arguing how bad Pleyris, the Greek Justice and Greeks in general are. It was very funny though, one jew was commenting on how horrid this person Plevris and his books and comments on the Jews are, in the end he wrote something like “well at least he didn’t deny the Holocaust, that’s something”!!!! He hasn’t read the book obviously!

  2. May 30, 2009    

    yeah SO funny! That Plevris is a holocaust denier and somebody who doesn’t read or speak Greek doesn’t get it. Hilarious!

    And to think I almost started to miss you Nemisist.

    Sarcasm totally intended.

  3. Nemesist
    May 30, 2009    

    I missed you too!