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Rescue in Athens is Tomorrow

Please don’t forget that Rescue in Athens is tomorrow (Saturday 25th April).


The Rescue is an international movement to acknowledge the consequences of 22-years of war in Northern Uganda: 3,000 child soldiers, +1.5 million Ugandans displaced in camps, hundreds dying each week of starvation, thirst, disease and violence.

The movement has people all over the world (10 countries, 100+ cities) “abducting” themselves, as children in Uganda have been abducted for decades, to be used as child soldiers. We are standing in solidarity with those children, calling on the media, politicians, and the international community to rescue the children of Uganda and end 22 years of war.


April 25, 2009 from 3:00 PM (15:00) until midnight (00:00).

On April 25, thousands — hundreds of thousands — of people will be standing in public squares with signs, posters, banners, invisible children t-shirts, and HOPE.


Syntagma Square, central Athens, Greece


YOU and all of your friends.


Because there are 3,000 child soldiers in Uganda and the DR Congo today.

They are fighting out of fear of Joseph Kony’s leaders. After 22 years of war, children are still being abducted, families still live in camps and the conflict is spreading. These children need you to come to their rescue, and help end the war in Northern Uganda.
A generation of war: any child under 22-years-old has NEVER known Peace.

For more information, please visit the website here

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