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Blog Break

I have so many things going on at the moment that need my offline attention (all good) that I am going to take a short break from blogging. Please feel free to explore my archives, check out my “Today in History” section in the sidebar or click on any of the amazing links in my blogroll. See you in a while…


  1. Neko
    May 5, 2009    

    Hey Deviusdiva!

    Im very interested to add you as a friend, meet you personaly and have a conversation whit you! If I realized good you are from Athens and you are Roma nationality or somebody who care about Roma rights… I am in Greece from end of last year,I have very nice job here, so Im working and living in Athens, but Im from Serbia and I worked in Serbia in Roma NGOs, and Im very experienced in that sector.

    Please if you are intersted to keep a contact whit me, send me private mail on

    Looking forward to hear from you soon…

    Bestr regards

  2. Neko
    May 5, 2009    

    Also I would like to be in contact whit somebody from Roma NGOs from Athens or Roma students in Greece for sharing experience, information, making friends, informing about differencies in status of Roma people in Serbia and Greece, etc…

    If it is anybody who read this interested for those I mentioned above, write me on next email

    Best regards and best wishes