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The Rescue in Athens

UPDATE: 12 days to go…

Please take a moment to Commit to the Rescue

Please see the Facebook page for this event

We need some serious help… Right now, there are 16 people committed to attending this event according to facebook. If we make it to 30 people – each one of us will represent 100 child soldiers still fighting.

If we made it to 60, each one of us would represent 1,100 children abducted throughout the war.

This event will only work if we get enough people to Syntagma Square on April 25 as possible
. Invite your friends. Send them to the blog: and tell me how to get more people there.

Yesterday, I received information about a peaceful demonstration being organised in Athens to bring attention to the plight of child soldiers in Uganda. It will be held in Syntagma Square on the 25th of April from 3pm until midnight.

Please spread the word on your blogs.

Join the Facebook Page.

Tweet the event if you can.

Email all your friends too so we can make Athens part of this important global event.

The flyer below is released for distribution so feel free to use it.

Please contact Rescue in Athens if you are interested in getting more involved or have any networking ideas.

See the official campaign video on YouTube

This is from the website The Rescue in Athens

Back in the U.S. I spent the last 2.5 years actively involved in raising awareness about the current war in Northern Uganda — the longest running war in Africa, displacing over 1.4 million Ugandans into camps. Having spent the last few months abroad in Athens, I have felt somewhat out of touch with the issues which I care about most, including the use of child soldiers in Uganda. Upon visiting the website of Invisible Children, an NGO dealing with this conflict, I discovered the announcement of an International event to impact global policy addressing the issue.

Two days ago I decided to organize a demonstration in the Main Square of Athens in solidarity with Invisible Children’s global demonstration “The Rescue” ( This blog will be a documentation of that process, and a hope that others out there in the city of Athens will find it, and be moved by the cause.

Today, I contacted Amnesty International’s office in Greece, as well as the Hellenic Human Rights League, hoping to get support from larger organizations in Greece with greater resources. I also contacted Invisible Children, to let them know we would be participating in the event. Tonight, my task is to create fliers and translate them into Greek, which I will produce and hand out throughout Athens in coming weeks.

I will also search the blogger community in Athens, trying to find support from other activists in the city. Please contact me if you are one of those bloggers!

About the event:

Mission: Put together a PEACEFUL gathering of people in Syntagma Square on Saturday, April 25 from 3pm – Midnight, that will draw Greek attention to the use of Child Soldiers by the Lord’s Resistance army in Northern Uganda.

Goals of the event:

1. Gather people — the higher the number, the more attention

2. Establish a PEACEFUL demonstration in solidarity with child soldiers and the Invisible Children community

3. Bring awareness about the use of child soldiers in Northern Uganda to Athens 4. Gain supporters for Invisible Children through presence in the square

Details: When: April 25, 2009 – 3 PM – Midnight

Where: Syntagma Square, Athens, Greece

Why: To raise awareness about the use of child soldiers by the Lords Resistance Army in Northern Uganda.

For more background about the conflict in North Uganda and the use of child soldiers please visit this page on the History of the Conflict and the international website The Rescue Invisible Children


  1. Amber H
    April 12, 2009    

    You have made a WORLD of difference for this event. Without you, we would not be getting 1/2 as much attention as we are. I don’t know what to say… it means a lot to me.

    Thank you for all you do.

  2. April 13, 2009    

    Thank you Amber H (even though I should be thanking YOU for initiating and organising this event!) I wish I could do more but my “real life” work is at fever pitch at the moment. (I will email you with some info on the project I am working on!)

    I am just happy that this blog has reached the stage that it receives attention and that I can put that to some use.

    Best of luck with everything. Let me know if there is anything else I can do.

  3. Michael Scowcroft
    April 14, 2009    

    Please raise awareness in Greece about Britain’s complicity in the child abductions for use in one of the world’s bloodiest conflicts.

    Taking the protest outside the British Embassy in Athens can possibly help with this. Make the Greek people aware about the connivance of the UK to exploit the mineral wealth of Uganda, Congo and Central Africa.

    One of Britain’s closest allies in Africa is stoking the flames of anarchy in the Democratic Republic of Congo by arming brutal militias in return for gold and mineral wealth.
    Uganda backs rebels responsible for ravaging the rugged hills and dense rainforest of Congo’s Ituri district, according to United Nations officials and western diplomats.

  4. Amber
    April 14, 2009    

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention, I was unaware. I will follow your links and see if we can do something.

    The Rescue is also happening in London. If you are in Britain now, go to and sign up to demonstrate there.

    Although the Rescue does not officially protest against governments (we are trying to gain international support, not turn them away), you can participate in the Rescue in such a way that brings attention to this issue. I’d recomend going there, and bringing a poster that addresses your concerns. You can also write to MPs in the British government.

    Again, I appreciate your post. I’ll definitely be doing some research.