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Workers Rights

Via the Athens News

In debates over immigration and labour rights, immigrant domestic workers are virtually unheard and unseen. Few enjoy employment benefits such as overtime, maternity leave, severance pay and cost-of-living salary adjustments

A LIVE-IN housekeeper recently fled Greece for the Philippines, distraught and penniless, after her employer punished her with overlong hours and little or no food. Her infraction? The domestic worker had asked for social insurance.

“As retribution, the employer kept the refrigerator empty and would only give her several small pieces of meat to eat for dinner,” said Stavroula Daniil-Karpathaki, a well-known Athens labour lawyer who represented the Filipina in court. “Even though we won the case, and safeguarded her rights to social security benefits, she decided to leave Greece – she just couldn’t take the pressure any more

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