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Makeshift Mosques

Via the Athens News

Pakistanis protest the possibility of their makeshift mosque losing its home in Nea Ionia, a suburb in western Athens

AN UNDERGROUND mosque with hundreds of worshippers in the western Athens suburb of Nea Ionia has encountered vehement opposition from residents and now risks being shuttered by city officials.

Manolis Triantafylos and his wife Anastasia own the basement which their tenants have turned into an unlicensed place of worship. The elderly couple say they are being unfairly punished by local authorities after they were fined 90,000 euros for renting their residential property to be used as a mosque.

They did not know their tenants were going to convert the space, Anastasia Triantafylou says.

“It’s not our fault – we shouldn’t be the ones held responsible,” Triantafylou says, adding: “but it’s not as though they’re worshipping Satan. The Muslim faith is a legal religion and Muslims should be able to pray.”

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