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Another Suspicious Death

Via the Athens News

TWO Afghan asylum seekers have filed a criminal suit against police officers at a detention centre in Elliniko, southern Athens, for allegedly torturing to death their 18-year-old brother on February 15.

If proven, the charges could deal another major blow to Greece’s human rights record by underscoring the state’s alleged failure to prevent police abuse. An internal investigation ordered by a local prosecutor is ongoing.

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  1. Oath Taken
    March 19, 2009    

    While the allegations of torture are severe enough on their own but until proven are but serious allegations, the disgraceful followup to this story makes one ashamed to be a citizen of a country with such a fucked up crowd of public servants (forensic specialists, mortuary officials) and private agents (funeral services). For details in Greek look
    I would expect (after public exposure through “Zougla” for someone with authority in the Ministry of the Interior to investigate and fire/punish the people taking advantage of such a sad situation. But somehow I’m not holding my breath… :-(

  2. March 19, 2009    

    @Oath Taken
    Can you post the link again? It doesn’t seem to be working! It might just be on my computer (I’ve been having some problems) but I would like to follow the link. Thank you.

  3. Oath Taken
    March 20, 2009    

    My error – somehow I messed up my HTML:

    As I said this is beyond disgraceful.