The only thing necessary for the persistence of evil is for enough good people to do nothing

Gay Rights Activists Attacked

What century are we living in ?

Members of the gay and lesbian rights group OLKE were protesting the demand made by the National Opera to cut a scene from the production in which the two male characters kiss.


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  1. Michael Scowcroft
    March 9, 2009    

    Very sad and shocking footage

  2. Xenos
    March 15, 2009    

    I wonder why all of Scowcroft’s comments are attacks on the UK and USA, when the topic is Greece. Some of our correspondents here have suggested to me that he is a Greek, pursuing a nationalist agenda by dirty means. This looks like it, actually.

  3. Michael Scowcroft
    March 16, 2009    

    Can’t you offer something of greater value to this blog other than your paranoid accusations and bigotted generalisations?

    I thought you buggered off “for good” from this blog? You said that you wouldn’t post here again unless DD banned me. Or was that just a ruse that blew up in your face when DD called your bluff and didn’t ban me?

    The honourable thing to do would be to keep your word and don’t post here anymore but you seem to lack integrity (as well as tolerance for southern Europeans).

    Your ilk is ten-a-penny among the ex-pat community in the Algarve and other parts of Portugal. Your type are au fait with bashing the Southern European PIGS countries with your bigot sticks but you don’t like it when our own country’s massive racism and colossal ignorance is even hinted at, or brought to light.

    Human rights abuses are crimes against humanity and i will continue to comment and offer my opinion on them, regardless of the country they occur in, and regardless of the hateful hypocrites like you who like to sweep our nation’s problems under the carpet.

  4. March 16, 2009    

    Let’s not go down this road again…
    I have always welcomed links to related articles and videos. The fact that people take the time to comment here and to send news items is very precious to me and something that I have tried to cultivate over the years. There are so many millions of blogs floating around out there and Human Rights issues in Greece is not a “hot” subject, so I am surprised and touched each time someone visits or takes the time to comment.

    Please feel free (as I have always said) to send me anything you think we might be interested in. Thank you.