The only thing necessary for the persistence of evil is for enough good people to do nothing

The System is Broken

A disturbing report from Nicole Itano for Al Jazeera on the refugee situation in Greece.

The comments that follow on the YouTube page are a typical mix of racism and xenophobia with some outrageous stupidity thrown in.

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  1. Michael Scowcroft
    February 24, 2009    

    The shocking video confirms that Greece lacks the infrastructure to deal with the sheer number of immigrants.

    I think Dublin II should be amended to allow refugees who make it to richer countries such as Germany and the UK to re-apply for asylum status there. Shipping them back to Greece is a breach of their human rights since Greece lacks the infrastructure to cope with them.

    “We are collapsing like a house of cards”

    The comments that follow are a typical mix of racism and xenophobia with some ridiculous stupidity thrown in for good measure.

    Unfortunately this is the majority view of immigration in my country:

    “We need to get rid of alot of these immigrants”

  2. Michael Scowcroft
    February 24, 2009    

    The only thing sadder than that guy in the video is the fact that he represents the consensus of opinion in the UK.

    His racist and xenophobic attitude towards immigrants is the prevailing attitude in the UK.

    I wish we could ship out people like that and ship in immigrants who are neither racist nor xenophobic. But if we decided to ship out the racist Brits there would be hardly any Brits left in the UK.

  3. February 24, 2009    

    If the guy in the second video wasn’t so sad it would be funny. He goes on about speaking the language, but give me 30 seconds with this guy and he wouldn’t understand a word I said. And yet the video response from “an immigrant” (where he gets slated for not speaking the language) is more eloquent and intelligent than he could ever dream of. lol

  4. February 24, 2009    

    …and no it’s not racist to talk about immigration. It IS racist to talk about immigrants being criminal spongers of lower intelligence!