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Immigration Issues

The Athens News has several articles about immigration this week.

No migrant child left behind

THE EUROPEAN Union could take legal action against Greece if the ruling New Democracy government does not scrap a new law banning the children of undocumented immigrants from applying for the coveted EU-wide longterm resident status – a permanent form of residence

Public concerned about immigration

As regards immigrant policy, the ruling conservative New Democracy government has been accused of treating non-EU nationals as second-class citizens. Main opposition Pasok and left coalition Syriza have both stressed the need to promote the integration of immigrants into Greek society. They have warned that the legislation (like the tough-to-meet application requirements for the issuing and renewal of residence permits) pursued by New Democracy is pushing immigrants farther into the margins

I posted on the following issue a while ago now but the comments got a “little” sidetracked ! If you have something to say or you have questions about the issues, you are very welcome to post. Please don’t use this blog as a place to attack your old “enemies” . Thank you.

The situation of asylum seekers in Greece is critical

The situation of asylum seekers in Greece is critical,” Thomas Hammarberg, the Council of Europe commissioner for human rights, told reporters in Strasbourg on February 2 after presenting a damning report about asylum in Greece. “The [Greek] authorities must urgently improve the asylum system, guaranteeing the full respect of international human rights standards

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