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Winter Meme

OK. I’ll bite because I’m in a good mood…
via EllasDevil

1. Number of daylight hours in your neck of the woods?
– Sunrise at 07:31, Sunset 17:47 (it will be 1 minute, 56 seconds longer than yesterday).
Answer directly stolen from ED because I have no clue.

2. Food you eat this time of year that you might not eat during the other seasons?
Big chunky soups and chocolate. But not together !

3. Number of times this month you have had take out food?
– None. I don’t get take out that often anyway because it’s expensive and mostly disappointing.

4. Do you drink anything different in your coffee this time of year? (flavorings etc)
– Yuck. What a nasty idea. Coffee is coffee isn’t it ? If I wanted to drink a different flavour, I’d choose a different drink!

5. Can you ice skate?
I used to skate quite well but now I’m scared of falling and breaking bones. I have a very problematic wrist already. I definitely don’t need to add to it.

6. How bad does it hurt when you sled?
If it hurts, why do it ?

7. Would you like freezing rain and ice -or- big fat snowflakes with a howling wind?
What kind of option is that ? Greece has the “pleasure” of my company partly because I don’t do cold. In any form.

8. What do you stock (keep on hand) for winter vegetables?
How do people keep vegetables in stock ? I buy fresh from the laiki (market) every week, mostly whatever is in season.

9. What do your pets think of the change in weather?
I used to have a tortoise who was as unimpressed about winter as I am.

10. Snow tyres or all-season?

11. Do you have winter sheets for your bed?

12. Have you ever barbecued in the winter?
Yes I have and it’s more fun than you’d imagine!

13. Anything you miss?
Being warm ?

14. Do you go out as much on the weekends?
I do but mostly to indoor places

15. How many birthdays?

16. Do you go to bed earlier or later?

17. Do you like to shovel?
Is that rude ?

18. Do you own a roof rake?
I have a rake but I don’t know if that’s the same as a roof rake?

19. Do you eat ice-cream in the winter?
I would if I could get a regular supply of decent mint chocolate chip.

20. Mittens or gloves?
Neither. Cold is bad. Stay indoors.

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  1. February 2, 2009    

    I, too hate the cold and so we have winter sheets here in the western Peloponnese. In fact, I have two sets so I can wash one and put the other on the bed. But maybe its because I’m American. I know that’s why I have a clothes dryer because I can’t put up with moist clothing for days on end. Also, I’m a true princess in that I have silk glove liners (thermal underwear for my hands)!