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Unindentified and Unclaimed

Via the Athens News

IT IS a sign of the times: a four-digit number scrawled on a marble offcut leaning against a wooden stake. In front of it lies a mixture of earth and rubble, the odd cigarette butt and an upturned censer – its incense long since burned out and, most likely, belonging to the neighbouring, ornately-decorated grave.

The body lying in burial plot 1139 of Athens’ Third Cemetery, in Nikaia, is most likely that of an illegal migrant who came to this country for a better life. Buried within the last two months, he (or she, for the undertaker who pointed to a number of unnamed graves could not recall which) will likely never be identified.

The story is little different for most of the 150-odd so-called unclaimed or unidentified bodies buried across Greece each year.

The number, according to Filippos Koutsafis, head of the Coroner’s office in Athens, has grown steadily over the past few years as the country’s legal and illegal migrant community has swelled.

Within the last weeks alone, the bodies of seven men, who were apparently trying to enter the country illegally, were found drowned near the northeastern port of Alexandroupolis. Two were pulled from the sea in fishermen’s nets and four were found washed up in the Evros Delta. Two of the bodies held identification showing they were Iraqi nationals.

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  1. Michael Scowcroft
    October 23, 2008    

    This is terrible. Immigrant deaths is fast becoming the shame of Europe. What can the EU do about it?

    A total of 54 men and four women were found dead in a lorry when it arrived at Dover from the Belgian port of Zeebrugge on 18 June.

    A Dutch lorry driver found with 58 dead Chinese immigrants in his vehicle.

    Three immigrants found dead off Malta while more arrive on island.

    12 would-be immigrants who drowned after the boat that was carrying them to Europe capsized in waters between Italy and Libya.