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News from Greece

I will be out all day so I leave you with links to the Athens News.

Prejudice and racism continue in Greece. There have been some improvements over the last decade but as Jordian says

Let’s get real, there is a racism problem in Greece, and I can only imagine what people say about me behind my back. People here just can’t cope with the idea that you might be educated and black

No news about new Muslim cemetery. As Deputy Foreign Minister Theodoros Kassimis said on July 21st

The creation of a Muslim cemetery is a humanitarian obligation, not just a legal obligation arising from international treaties

A prison without walls. More troubles for asylum seekers from Afghanistan in the city of Patras.

refugees garner little support as they march to protest against the poor conditions of their camp

Athens, the capital of homelessness.

People from all backgrounds can end up on the street, but the majority are those who have left an institution, have a history of mental health disease or addiction problems, or who are illegal immigrants

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