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Less Than 1% Petition

I am in the process of writing the petition for the campaign. Please read what I have so far and tell me what you think. I have never done this before and would really appreciate any advice you can offer.

We, the undersigned, urge the leaders of Greece and the EU to respond to the current asylum crisis in Greece. The current rate of asylum recognition in Greece is less than 1%, the lowest in Europe. Several countries (Holland, Norway, Sweden and Germany) have already suspended the return of asylum seekers (under the Dublin agreement) to Greece because it is unable to process asylum applications properly, fairly and in compliance with European law.

The vast majority of asylum seekers to Greece are from the countries of Iraq and Afghanistan. We must recognise our part, as Europeans, in creating the wars that people are fleeing from and act with responsibility and decency towards them.

We also urge you to investigate and rectify the appalling conditions that asylum seekers are forced to endure here. We have reports of physical abuse by the police and coast guards, of people being held in sub-standard conditions with limited or no access to decent sanitation, health care and lawyers and of unaccompanied minors being held in detention.

Europe holds itself up as an example of decency and fairness around the world. We cannot allow this to be happening within our borders. The current situation is an affront to all of us who believe in human rights.

We call on you

1: To investigate fully the process of asylum application in Greece and to ensure that the authorities fulfill their obligations towards asylum recognition.

2: To ensure that asylum seekers are treated with respect and dignity and have full access to legal services to ensure that their applications are processed properly.

3: To ensure that reception centres are properly managed and maintained and that there a sufficient places to reflect the numbers of those arriving here.

4: To ensure special attention to cases involving children and other vulnerable people.

5: To properly assist Greece in fulfilling its obligations towards asylum seekers including financial assistance if necessary and experts in this field from other states.

Is there anything I have missed/needs to be added ?
Is this the right tone/style ?
I am hoping this will be seen as OUR campaign not just deviousdiva having a moan, so please feel free to suggest changes. I won’t be offended. As I said, I’ve never done this before so any help is much appreciated.
Thank you


  1. Xenos
    September 14, 2008    

    Seems OK to me. By the way, I discovered recently that when people here apply for asylum (and actually get a pink card) the police don’t even ask on what grounds asylum is being requested. It is evident that they have no intention of processing the claims properly, so why should they care about the substantive grounds for asylum? As usual in this country, the law counts for nothing — especially where police, government and judicial authorities are concerned.

  2. September 14, 2008    

    looks good to me as well! of course i have no experience writing petitions, so my opinion may not mean much!

  3. Post Disagreement
    February 26, 2009    

    We must recognise our part, as Europeans, in creating the wars that people are fleeing from and act with responsibility and decency towards them.

    That part I think makes no sense..Europeans did not create wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. America did and for its own power politics and on behalf of another country and its desire for hegemony in the middle east.

  4. Dr. House
    February 26, 2009    

    Yes, but we Europeans created the biggest wars (WWI & WWII) which overshadows the war in Iraq or Afghanistan. Europe has always been at the forefront of war. Shame on us. And our British citizens are racist also. Shame on us.

  5. Michael Scowcroft
    February 26, 2009    

    Dr House: “And our British citizens are racist also”.

    So i was right, you’re one of us Brits.

    It’s very kind of you to finally admit your nationality. (Good guess by me though, eh Dr? I recognised your Britishness despite your fake Chinese accent :) )

    I’m glad you dropped your vow of secrecy:

    Dr House: “I am citizen of the world and do not like to admit my home to anyone.”

    I’m also glad you dropped the fake accent shenanigans. Your English seems to have improved remarkably πŸ˜‰

    We Brits have a lot to be ashamed of but an awful lot to be proud of as well, so i don’t see why you felt the need to hide your identity. But i suppose it was easier for you to accuse other nationalities of being racist when you’re nationality was something other than British. You know, with our history of racism and all.. These lowly Southern Europeans might tell you to sort out your own racism first. We can’t have that, can we..

    Glad you’re ‘out-of-the-closet’ so to speak.

  6. Dr. House
    February 26, 2009    

    I’m not really a Doctor. Just a fan of Hugh Laurie who plays the wonderful Dr. House. Of course, you remember Hugh Laurie who played in “Wooster and Jeeves”. His American accent rivals that of any American….

  7. Post Disagreement
    February 26, 2009    

    Your log Dr. House makes no sense.

    Greece did not start WWII and WWII has nothing to do with todays Iraq and Afghanistan…thats a modern day American caused tragedy….and of course under the influence of the only democracy in the middle east. πŸ˜‰