The only thing necessary for the persistence of evil is for enough good people to do nothing

I AM A Community Organiser

Don’t count out the little people ! I am a community organiser.


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  1. September 8, 2008    

    I think the organizers of this movement should be applauded for getting the word out about this Blogging Day For Justice! I am honored to join the ranks of other Community workers to let our voice be heard! I am proud to be a Community Worker and Community Organizer!

    reginas last blog post..Day Of Blogging For Justice : Community Organizers

  2. Connie
    September 11, 2008    

    There is no doubt that Community Organizers do a great deal of good. I hope that all of you watched Palin’s speech at the Republican convention. I did. Palin said that being the mayor of a small town was something like a community organizer except that a mayor had to be more accountable for their actions and responsiblitities. In other words a Community Organizer is not elected by nor kept in office by the people that are being served. The fact that her words appeared to be a “put down” was in response to the way Obama boosters had tried to “put down” her service as a mayor.