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DD Live

So holidays are over and I’m back to blogging (admittedly in a rather haphazard way). I am working in the background on the Less Than 1% campaign and catching up on a few things. I am hoping that we can revitalise DD live this autumn. I miss the chats and the laughs. I also miss being able to communicate directly with you. So I’ll be there tonight from 10pm (local time) unless something comes up.

I hope some of you regulars will come back and that others might be interested in joining. DD live runs every Thursday at the following times:

18:00 – Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo
20:00 – London, Dublin, Lisboa
21:00 – Rome, Paris, Madrid, Tirana, Berlin, Lagos
22:00 – Athens, Cairo, Beirut, Amman, Minsk, Johannesburg
23:00 – Nairobi, Baghdad, Moscow
23:30 – Tehran
00:30 – Mumbai, Delhi
04:00 – Beijing
12:00 – Los Angeles, Vancouver
13:00 – Denver, Edmonton
14:00 – Chicago, Dallas
15:00 – New York, Toronto, Kingston
16:00 – Halifax, St Johns

The chatroom is password protected so you will need to contact me if you would like to participate.
All the details can be found here.
Hope to see some of you tonight !

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