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The Sea Calls

I just realised that it’s been quite a few days since I wrote a post here. Yes, I’m being completely lazy but also the love of my life is on holiday now so there are many better things to do than sit at my computer.

And the sea is calling us. We will be out all weekend with great friends partying on a beach somewhere in Greece. I am not sure what we are up to next week but it will definitely be a slow time in terms of blogging. Have a great holiday if you are lucky enough to be having one and I will see you after my break.

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  1. QuakerDave
    August 9, 2008    

    I’m always happiest when I’m at the beach. Can’t live without it.

    Enjoy your holiday.

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  2. QuakerDave
    August 11, 2008    


    You have won a major award:

    QuakerDaves last blog post..I “kick ass”!

  3. August 12, 2008    

    its summer… its same everywhere..;)

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