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Open Thread 2

Time for another open thread.

I’d almost forgotten that I said I would do this. I blame the weather.

So what’s on your mind these days, people ? Post your thoughts here. As always, my comment policy rules apply.

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  1. Xenos
    August 4, 2008    

    Just a comment on the case of Doujon Zammit. After the murder of his 20 year old son, the father donated his son’s organs to help others and had not a bad word to say about Greece. (After all, why should he?) The Greek court rewarded him with allowing the alleged murderers to walk the streets without restriction (as far as I know). Mr Zammit will doubtless soon change his mind about Greece, and realise that it is better to keep away since there is no rule of law and no justice in this God-forsaken country.

  2. Oath Taken
    August 5, 2008    


    As usual “as far as you know” means you know 1 thing and make up another 2 to suit your taste. The ??????????? (district attorney) and not the court (there has been no trial yet) sent the main culprit to prison pending a trial while his 3 sidekicks were left free *with* restrictions on their movements. And this very lax treatment of the remaining 3 thugs has rightfully enraged public opinion (yes even those deeply racist Greeks can see the injustice in this) – to the point that maybe somebody further up the judicial chain of command may intervene and send the other 3 to prison as well. Other than that please take your own advice to heart and avoid this God-forsaken country yourself, you can continue your good work attacking it without actually living among the racist scum that call themselves Greeks. At least those of us who suffer the innumerable indignities that the modern Greek state imposes on its residents would be very grateful not to have to share our misfortune with your highness.

    DD as I know you will almost certainly not put this comment up (He is too precious of a friend of yours – “????? ??? ???? ?????? ??? ?? ??? ?? ????? ?????” – to be made fun of), at least have the very basic decency to make sure your blog’s readers get accurate information and not his fantasies.

  3. Xenos
    August 5, 2008    

    Oath taken: I do not know why you are using a personal name here. My name is Xenos and I expect you to observe what you have been told, rather than to invent things that “you know”, Greek-style. Like most foreigners in this country, I have no respect for how Greeks behave, because you show no respect for anyone.

    Your comment is just typical of the arrogance and disdain that the majority of Greeks show to others, especially as the anonymous author admits that my comment is right. (But cannot admit it either, so tries to attack me personally, and also thinks s/he can identify me personally). Basically, this standard of behaviour stinks and belongs in the gutter.

  4. Oath Taken
    August 5, 2008    


    Your comment “Xenos” was inaccurate – I explained why.

    As for respect it can be earned and it can also be lost. I respect most foreigners in my country as they are essentially decent human beings and deserve far better than what life has offered them or the trouble they are going through while in Greece. Quite obviously you don’t fit the bill. Maybe if we do get kicked out of the EU as you feel we deserve you can find another god-forsaken place to setup your MMO. That would at least be one good side-effect.

  5. Xenos
    August 6, 2008    

    Oath: I suggest that you read the rules in the Comment Policy of this blog. You will find that your behaviour is unacceptable. Perhaps you do not care, though? After all, in Greece who cares about rules or the law?

    You might also care to think about why you think it is ok for an anonymous person to attack other named persons, who work hard to make Greece a better place. This is regardless of who I am, or what you claim my name to be. It shows what your attitude and standards are, that you persist with personal attacks when concealing your own identity. Laughable and pathetic, really.

  6. Oath Taken
    August 6, 2008    


    Actually I never expected for the original comment to appear as a previous one a few months ago where I corrected another of you gems regarding Greek history never made it public. Hence my original comment to DD: What I was interested in doing was making sure DD did not allow your erroneous original assertions to linger on uncorrected (which I expected her to do). It appears she’s off and the whole system of protecting her friends has broken down. I fully expect her to erase our “conversation” when she notices and I’m only looking forward to seeing if she will have the decency you lack to at least properly report on this very sad affair of the murder of this tourist by the four lowlifes.

    I don’t feel the need to put my name behind my text. DD has my e-mail address – she’s free to provide it to you should you wish to find out who I am.

    That’s the last on the topic from a brainwashed Albano-Roumano-Slav with no link whatsoever to Pericles and no claim to ancient or modern greatness that actually cares about the many troubles of the place you unfortunately chose to burden with your presence. You just have the last word until DD cleans this thread up.

  7. August 6, 2008    


    I suggest you start calling Oath Taken Adonis if he keeps calling you Martin :)

  8. Xenos
    August 6, 2008    

    Thank you, Panayote, for (as always) bringing some much-needed decency into Greek debate.

    Adonis: I am not interested in your opinions on the work of people more able than you. Unlike you, I am also not interested to have the last word. However, I do insist that you respect the rules of this blog yet you persist in flouting them as if they are not relevant. You have already been told that personal attacks are not acceptable; that principle is in the blog rules and is also a standard of behaviour that the civilised world embraces.

    That you, like so many Greek people, find it normal and acceptable to engage in direct personal attacks, adorned with frequent nasty little remarks, says something about the culture of the country. I have no further comment to make.

  9. August 8, 2008    

    As a total change of topic, I’m waiting to see the Beijing 2008 opening ceremony though I am totally biased and think Athens 2004 will be better.

    bollybuttons last blog post..Fist Full of Memories

  10. August 8, 2008    

    I disagree on the ceremony

    It was in many ways -the globe, the lighting of the flame, the “painting” etc.- unforgettable.

    Yet while Athens celebrated mainly the individual, Beijing celebrate the masses.

  11. August 8, 2008    

    [I’m ignoring the outburst above from Oath Taken except for removing personal information which is not allowed on my blog (even if it is inaccurate). I repeat… no personal information is allowed on this blog. I would never dream of publishing or handing out your personal email address, your name or ANY other information you might have given me. Please do not do it to other people. I just can’t be bothered to actually answer and I think as supposed grown-ups we can decide for ourselves where we stand]

    As for the Olympics, Bollybutton, I was very disappointed by the opening ceremony. It was “nice” but not at all spectacular like 2004. Nice and excessively slow. Ah well, now the games begin… and that is what it’s all about isn’t it ?

  12. QuakerDave
    August 9, 2008    

    I will NOT be watching the opening ceremonies tonight, and I will not be watching any of the Genocide Olympics. $40 billion is being spent to sell the world the idea that one of the most brutal dictatorships on the planet is somehow an “open” society.

    Of course, we here in the States have the same image problem. But we don’t have the Games.

    Time for rented movies and some good books.

  13. Xenos
    August 9, 2008    

    Yes, I think I agree with QuakerDave. Handing the Olympics to China was an opportunity to pressure for reform and acceptance of some degree of individual rights. Instead, Bush and cronies confined themselves to one pathetic little speech a few days ago (just to cover their asses and show the world that they don’t really approve of China). What was needed was a sustained programme of pressure on China over the last years: far from doing so, Western governments aided and abetted China in suppressing protests such as the pro-Tibet demonstrators.

    To those who complain that sports should be separate from politics: I agree. But handing the Olympics to certain countries (such as China) reinforces the link, rather than weakening it. The greed of the IOC for more success, more money, more publicity, has politicised the Games. By the way, did anyobody comment that Georgia and Russia (both competing) are now (effectively) at war on the opening day of the Games?

  14. August 9, 2008    

    Good to see you here again, QuakerDave.

    It’s a horrible dilemma for me. Politically everything in me screams “boycott the whole thing”. But the rest of me loves the sports.

    It’s utterly disgusting the amount of money that is spent on sports in general and the Olympics is the “icing on the cake”. (we are still paying for 2004 I think) There is SO much strife and need in the world that that kind of money could really change.

    I do find the “coming together” ideal of the games very moving but the flag waving turns me off too.

    The world has ignored Darfur almost completely. Perhaps it’s only the games that can bring a spotlight to the genocide ? Sad but this is the way we seem to operate.

    Ach ! I’m so confused…

    deviousdivas last blog post..The Sea Calls

  15. August 9, 2008    

    Well to be sincere, Georgia moved in first for similar reasons.

    This indeed is awful.

    Now on the politics vs Games issue. It WAS wrong to give it to China. Leaders did NOT do enough but did do SOMETHING as some Chinese human rights activists will say. And the opportunities given highlighted issues like Tibet that were forgotten.

    The main problem with the Games is drugs of course – as well as the anti-Hellenic conspiracy to show that numerous Greek athletes took that drug the weightlifters did; the consipracy includes the opposition to the participation of innocent bird Thanou to the games.

  16. August 9, 2008    

    I just saw that just now on CNN, Xenos. This must have been a deliberate ploy (while the world is watching the Olympics, we’ll invade). Whatever happened to the Olympic Truce (lol)? World gone stupid… AGAIN.

    Leaving for the beach right now.

  17. George
    August 13, 2008    

    Regarding the Olympics. I’m just waiting for the Greeks to start blaming the USA again for their failures at the Olympics due to their athletes getting busted for drugs. Of course, the USA somehow pressured the IOC to get Greece. It’s like that little “unknown” desk at the US State Dept which sits one man whose sole job is to create ways to mess up Greece’s day.

  18. September 2, 2008    

    Another change of topic.

    The seventh anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon will be coming up on 11th September 2008.

    The European United for Truth movement will be holding a march in Brussels on Sunday 7th September calling for a reopening of the 911 investigation.

    Here is a video of last year’s march:

    In Greece there will be a screening on Thursday 11th September of Stelios Kouloglou’s “Reportaz horis Synora” programme on the 911 attacks, the many unanswered questions relating to them and the American citizens’ movement that continues to call for a real investigation of them and prosecution of those really responsible.

    The programme is in Greek (with a lot of English, admittedly, subtitled in Greek.

    The screening will be on the island of Aigina, in Aigina town, at 9 o’clock in the evening. The venue is the Symposio restaurant, P. Ireioti and Neoptolemou. Telephone 22970 23818.

  19. September 4, 2008    

    @ Wayne Hall,
    Thank you very much for the information. Much appreciated.

  20. Balamutikweb
    February 12, 2009    

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