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Lesbians in Court

From The Guardian

An attempt to stop homosexual women calling themselves lesbians begins in Athens today with a court hearing that comes amid growing national debate over gay rights in one of Europe’s most socially conservative countries.

The hearing has been initiated by plaintiffs on the Aegean island of Lesbos, who say they are unhappy that gay women have “usurped” a term that locals claim should have only geographical connotations

Read the whole article about gay rights in Greece and this current court case.

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  1. The Greek with No Name
    June 13, 2008    

    The Lesbos islanders do have a right to challenge so called “lesbians” around the world.

    First, it has not been proven, and probably will never be proven, whether Sappho was attracted sexually or consumated a sexaul relationship with other women. We must be careful not to read our contemporary normative sexual mores into the writings of a single woman in antiquity.

    Second, if Sappho was a “lesbian” then how do we know that all the women of Lesbos were “lesbian” and therefore leading to the naming of same sex female relationships as “lesbian”. Sappho may have been the only woman in Lesbos who sexually yearned and consumated her sexual love for other women on Lesbos or elsewhere. Therefore, should we call “lesbians” Lesbians because of one woman? It is almost like calling all Americans terrorists because of Timothy McVeigh was American. Or calling all Roma thieves because one happened to steal a loaf of bread. I do not believe most sensible people would make those generalisations. This blog particularly makes strenuous efforts to avoid generalisations about everyone (except Greeks of course).

    Third, it is the Lesbian islanders perogative whether they like being associated with “lesbianism” or not. Are we in a position to make them yield to the views of a small radical minority? This smacks of totalitarianism (read: people must yield to our ethical views otherwise they are backward, irrational, homophobic etc).

    Fortunately, there are no issues regarding flags in this case like the Star of Vergina on a red background. From memory the “lesbian” flag is a rainbow colour type thing which does not clash with the Lesbian flag. Also, as far as I am told by some gay friends, the gay community does not have any territorial designs on the island of Lesbos. I have not seen any gay maps that include the island of Lesbos or any Greek island for that matter. Actually, I have never seen a gay map. Is there such a thing? Therefore, the battle for Lesbians should be relatively simple.