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Rally Against Nationalism

Via the Southeast European Times

SKOPJE, Macedonia — Around a dozen of peace organisations from Macedonia and Greece held a joint rally in Skopje on Saturday (May 17th), criticising the rise of nationalism in both countries. They also urged the members of the public in both countries to show more tolerance and co-operation. One of the aims of the rally was to show that there is an alternative to political conflicts, such as the long-standing name dispute between the two countries


  1. Post Disagreement
    February 26, 2009    

    Interesting you chose to use the name of our norhern province in this article as the name of that country. So Greece hosts you and sustains you and you take the side of the irrdentists in Skopje in the name dispute. You are taking the side of their nationalism…put it that way. I am not an extreme nationalist but I would say they need to compromise with a hyphenated name since originally we did not want the use of the term macedonia in their name at all.

    Thanks Diva.

    Thanks a lot.

  2. Dr. House
    February 26, 2009    

    Most countries in the world recognize the country of Macedonia as Macedonia. Greece is one of the very few that do not.

  3. Michael Scowcroft
    February 26, 2009    

    Dr House, i would like to know more about this issue, can you give me a short explanation of perhaps a few sentences? Thanks.

    Do you have any evidence to support what you wrote above?

  4. Dr. House
    February 26, 2009    

    A good start for you to take a peek is the Wikipedia site on Macedonia:

    As of February 2008, up to 125 countries recognise the Republic of Macedonia under its constitutional name as opposed to about 28 who do not, which Greece is one who does not.

    It has some good info on the whole issue regardless of what side a person takes.

  5. Post Disagreement
    February 26, 2009    

    These people speak a Slavic dialect and are not connectd with the ancient Macedonians which were very much Greek.

    and less than 10% of ancient Macedonia lies in their silly state.