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Cultural Diversity and Human Rights

Friday 23rd to Saturday 24th May 2008

The Educational Program for the Muslim Minority hosts a conference on “Cultural Diversity and Human Rights,” at the University of Athens (30 Panepistimiou Street.)

Friday from 6 pm

A ?en Year Project concerning the Education of the Minority Population in Thrace: Identities, Conflicts, Reforms

Ideology and the Political in Teacher Training

Opening up to the Community: Education beyond School Boundaries
Research and its Political Dimension

Negotiation of Identities in a Conflictual Context

Steps Forward and the Persistence of Long Lasting Prejudices

Round table: The ?ducation from the Minority’s Point of View

Saturday from 9.30 am

Bilingualism and Cultural Diversity in Education

Multiliteracies Pedagogy: A Conceptual Framework for Promoting Educational Achievement among Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students

Language Diversity in the Greek School: Contradictions and Perspectives

Bilingualism and Negotiation of Identities in Education

New Times, New Subjectivities and New Learning

Negotiation of Identities in the Education of Multilingual Students

Institutional Protection of Human Rights: Challenges and Limits

The Contribution of the European Court of Human Rights in Bridging the Conflicts of Multicultural Societies

The minority in Thrace: Advocating for a Liberal Protection of Human Rights

Between Uncritical Acceptance and Authoritarian Modernization: the Difficult Balance in Negotiating Alterity in Thrace

Human Rights as a Challenge for our Ethnic “Homogeneity”

Minority and State Particularism: Reflections emanating from the Greek Experience

Universalism, Communitarianism, Relativism of Human Rights

How Relative are Human Rights?

The Right to Education in National/Multicultural Education Systems: Exploring Tensions and Ambiguities

Between Universalism and Communitarianism: The End of Human Rights

? Challenging Compromise: Religious Minorities Between Universalism and Communitarianism

Multiculturalism, Democracy, Cosmopolitanism

This looks extremely interesting and I hope I will be able to attend at least some of it. I haven’t included the specific times or the speakers. You can download the PDF of all those details here.

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  1. Post Disagreement
    February 26, 2009    

    They forgot to include a course about how its okay to do pogroms against Greeks in Istanbul but we have to be honorable and treat the “turkish minority” with love and respect. While they shit in our Churches in Occupied Cyprus..and we are racist haters because we dont embrace them more. after all whats a couple of century of massacres between friends.

    I know there are lots of nice Turkish people but since Greeks can not live in peace in Northern Cyrpus or in Turkey they should go to Turkey and visit Greece as tourists just like Greeks visit Turkey as tourist leaving money..which is the only time we are welcome there if it all.

  2. Post Disagreement
    February 26, 2009    

    Hey Diva how about cultural diversity classes and promotion of the White minority communities in the black dominated Carribean nations and South Africa.

    Did not think so, but we are supposed to adore and rejoice over the presence of a minority that was excluded from a population exchange if Turkey agreed to treat her Greeks in Istanbul and Imbros and Tenedos honorable…so they are constant reminder esp. to the many Greeks from Turkey of how we are always supposed to be nicer to them than they are too us.

    First they take our lives and livelihood in Turkey and now that we rebuild our lives in Greece we have to subsidize them here.

    This minority community had actual members of its community involved THracian Muslims in a conspiracy to make it look like Greeks planted a bomb outside the Turkish consulate in Thessaloniki…..and then this was used as an excuse for the riots in Istanbul in 1955. Thats all we need to know about this people. I do not feel safe with them. They are used by Turkey as an excuse to promote irrdentist propoganda against Greek Territory …want special rights…and have no shame that members of their minority community participated indirectly in atrocities against Greek minorities in Turkey.

    If you expect us the exiled Greeks of Turkey to be fawning over this community you are really off your rocker.

    Diversity is not a strength in and of itself. Diversity of skills are..but not diversity of religions and cultures sharing the same space…History proves that time and again people fight over religion, culture and ethnicity. That goes on in every continent and race. Diversity is nice to break up the routine and have some insights into another culture..but not inundated with it.

    If you feel we should love love love these Turks/Muslims whatever they choose to identify themselves at then you should love love love Britain recolonizing Africa and fight for the rights of the Whites in Zimabawe South Africa etc.

    Then maybe you will get what you are asking of us.

    Does anyone ask Jews to love Germans and be thankful to have them in Israel? Its the same thing.