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News from Greece

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This one is shocking to say the least:

Grandiloquence no substitute for deeds

Ultimately, a state is judged by the amount of care it provides to its weakest members

. On this front, the Greek state scores negative marks and the numbers illustrate just how poor its performance is.

Of the some 180,000 children in this country with physical or learning disabilities, only 1,350 will ever make it into secondary education. This percentage of 0.75 reflects the size of the state’s failure, as it confines itself to making grandiloquent statements while leaving the weaker members of society to fend for themselves when it comes to their education.

The government has taken a first step with the draft law for the reform of education for people with special needs. There is concern, however, that these changes will be nothing more than a drop in the ocean compared to what needs to be done. What’s more, the government needs to move fast on change, because it has dragged its feet for far too long.

We must never forget that no one should be excluded from our society.

And can I just say “about time” on this one:

More rights for partners

A landmark ruling by the Supreme Court, which was made public yesterday, means that the unmarried partners of people killed in car crashes can be considered members of the family and are entitled to compensation.

The court issued its decision after hearing the case of the partner of a 51-year-old man who was killed in an accident after the couple had had a baby together.

In its ruling, the court said that it accepted that the man’s partner “was tied by love and respect to her partner” and suffered as a result of his sudden death “deep pain and intense distress and as such deserves adequate financial compensation.”

The court awarded the woman 15,000 euros. It is the first time that a person who is not an immediate relative of someone who has died suddenly has been awarded damages for the loss of their loved one.

In their ruling, the judges also called for laws governing cohabitation to be introduced. The Justice Ministry has already said it is working on such regulations.

Both from Kathimerini


  1. Xenos
    May 3, 2008    

    What strange ideas Kathimerini has! Everyone knows that Greece is a “negative welfare state”, ie it takes money from the poor in order for the rich to benefit. The very notion that the state should protect the weakest members of society is profoundly anti-Greek and the journalists should be ashamed to put forward such notions!

  2. zardoz
    May 3, 2008    

    scratches on the surface,
    .sometimes spread thru ……