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The Real Lesbians

I really don’t know what to say…

Via Mercury: The Voice of Tasmania

Residents of the Greek island synonymous with the love verses of an ancient woman poet have launched a legal case against a gay group insisting that they are the real Lesbians.

Two inhabitants of the island of Lesbos along with a member of a nationalist pagan association today launched a legal case to ban the Greek Gay and Lesbian Union (OLKE) from bearing the name “lesbian”.

Lesbos was the home of the poet Sappho, who expressed her love of other women in lyric verses written in the early sixth century BC.

Lesbos residents now suffer “psychological and moral rape” from the “seizure” of their island’s name by gays, said the activist Dimitris Lambrou, in a text titled The Misfortune of Being Lesbian, published on his website.

Lambrou believes the case will be judged in Athens in June.

This affair is totally ridiculous,” said OLKE spokeswoman Evangelia Vlami. “But if we are summoned by the courts, we will be heard.”

Lesbos is often referred to in Greece as Mytilene, the island’s capital. The resort of Eressos is a popular tourist destination for lesbians visiting the Aegean island in the north-east of the Orthodox Christian country.


  1. Xenos
    April 30, 2008    

    This story seems a little familiar…Oh wait! I remember, Greeks own the name “Macedonia”. So now we have one more Greek claim of proprietary ownership. There is a difference, though: the word “lesbian” is from the classical tradition, supposedly the same sort of tradition as Alexander the Great, and the one that we are all supposed to respect.

    Some people like to have their cake and eat it, regardless of how stupid they look doing so.

  2. April 30, 2008    

    Tags along with “history” being renamed “herstory” etc
    If they’re so against lesbians, then they should also denounce Sappho. 😉

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  3. April 30, 2008    

    Lesbos residents now suffer “psychological and moral rape” from the “seizure” of their island’s name by gays, said the activist Dimitris Lambrou

    Wow. Nothing like a little wildly inappropriate hyperbole to start the day.

    I was thinking about ‘Macedonia’ too, and figuring that fight for the name is probably what got people up into starting this one (hello, a bit late, though, since it’s been in wide usage by homosexual women all over the world for how long?), but the things I’m stuck on now are:

    1) Sappho wasn’t a bigot.
    2) Sappho’s poetry can better be interpreted as bisexual than lesbian, since she wrote erotic verse addressing both women and men in the first person.
    3) Therefore, perhaps everyone on Lesbos should be fighting everyone who doesn’t love everyone? You know, to honor the history of the island.

    Also? Sappho said: ‘If you are squeamish, don’t prod the beach rubble.’ Under Nationalism and bigoted xenophobia is Fascism. Sure you want to go poking around in there, lawsuit-bringers?


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  4. April 30, 2008    

    Apologies for being so sarcastic so suddenly.

    That hyperbole got to me this morning. : (

    Theriomorphs last blog post..where stone and sky meet in wind and water

  5. thomaslundy
    April 30, 2008    

    Who cares what the lesbians think ? Your blog is so full of shit I can’t believe it. I won’t be coming back.

  6. zardoz
    April 30, 2008    

    -1)Mainstream media usually does not pick up
    ….stories like the one above , so this blog informs me.
    -2) the interesting part of the blogger is to try and present
    ….the facts of both sides , to the best of her abilities.
    and dd does a heck of a job in being as down to earth as they come
    ..3) the macedonia subject is another matter you see personally
    i dont give a rats ass ,,,if some former yogoslavians want tobe called officially macadonians ,, but if down the road they sell ,,,,yas sell
    the country known as macadonia to become the the 54 th state
    of the USA , different story i dont agree . period.!
    .anyways back on the subject , from personal stories
    ive heard its not as serioys as it sounds ,
    and in all probability it will evolve in the next decade
    into a major turist attraction with the majority joining
    the bandwagon and the rest growling in true greek bitching form.=Z=

  7. FiloXenos
    May 1, 2008    

    Are you a Lesbian Xenos?

  8. danilena
    May 2, 2008    

    if the women-loving “fake” lesbians boycott the island and especially eressos that lives off gay tourism, we will soon have the “real” lesbians from the nearby villages begging the “fake” lesbians to come back :-)

  9. May 2, 2008    

    lol danilena!

    FiloXenos, what difference does it make in this context?

    zardoz, I care too!. Welcome back.

    thomaslundy, byeeeee. You were funny while it lasted.

    Theriomorph, sarcasm definitely ok and understandable.

    xenos, lol!

  10. BondBloke
    May 2, 2008    

    Seems to me that some people will simply jump onto any bandwagon for a little publicity…

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  11. BondBloke
    May 2, 2008    

    P.S. The thomas lundy’s of this world have their heads so far up their own arses I am surpirsed they can se where they are going…

    BondBlokes last blog post..Happy Belated Birthday

  12. FiloXenos
    May 2, 2008    

    You got a wrong impression and info danilena!!!!You are as ‘progressively’ dogmatic as ever!
    I have nothing about gay women but it would be better if they avoiding making ‘hot spots’ like a 2nd Mykonos! If they re asking to treat them as normal (which I am sure it is their right) better avoid forming ghetos! So we can all mix

  13. danilena
    May 3, 2008    

    filoxenos, I’m guessing you haven’t been to eressos.
    it’s a little village where charming old ladies are more than happy to rent their rooms to female couples …
    a few years ago locals may have been naive or even hostile to gay tourism, but now they are more than happy to cater. the pink euro is working its magic :-)

    as for ghettos, I agree with you: it would be better if we could all mix. I hope to see the day when gay people enjoying themselves in gazi are not forced to go back into straight mode as soon as they leave the nightclub-not that I see that happening any time soon.

    as long as we have closeted politicians, mayors and artists who fear their career will be over the minute people find out about them, we will also have ghettos.

  14. danilena
    May 3, 2008    

    ps: I wasn’t seriously suggesting a lesbian boycott or anything…
    lesbos is a beautiful island and everybody should go there, gay or straight…

    unless of course you have recently fled a war zone, in which case you wouldn’t want to end up there locked in a container while some official happily ignores your plea for asylum…

    now, that’s a good reason to boycott lesbos along with the beautiful islands of chios, samos etc…

  15. May 4, 2008    

    I just saw this Lambrou on NET. According to him, “these ladies [i.e. lesbians] come to the island but they remain in a closed group. They dont leave any money there except at two of their own bars.” That was about all I could stomach over my morning coffee.

    Next thing you know, some guy will be suing from the Isle of Man.

  16. Xenos
    May 4, 2008    

    Haha, nice one, Andrea!