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Cyprus Crossing Update

An update to my post yesterday on the opening of a barrier on Ledra Street in Nicosia, Cyprus.

From the Associated Press

The opening of the street, located in a central Nicosia shopping district, was meant to serve as a catalyst for peace negotiations between Greek Cypriot President Dimitris Christofias and Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat.

But the festive atmosphere quickly soured after the crossing was temporarily closed.

Stefanos Stefanou, a spokesman for the internationally recognized Greek Cypriot government, said Turkish Cypriot police illegally patrolled part of the street by entering the U.N.-controlled buffer zone.

“We have been very clear that violations cannot be tolerated,” Stefanou told The Associated Press.

The closure ended after scores of protesters gathered on both sides, chanting “Cyprus belongs to its people,” and U.N. officials mediated between rival police forces.

From the BBC (where you can leave comments after the article).

The mayor of Nicosia, Eleni Mavrou commented

We still have a long way to go. This is the first step. We hope many more will follow

From Reuters

Elizabeth Spehar, the chief of mission for the United Nations in Cyprus said at the ceremony:

We all know opening Ledra Street does not mean the Cyprus problem is resolved. There is much more hard work to be done. But the opening gives us a glimpse of what is possible

And Loukia Skordi Salidou, a resident of Nicosia said

I couldn’t sleep all night. I will walk to St Loukas church (on the Turkish Cypriot side) and light a candle. My generation is dying. Thank God I’m alive to see this

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  1. BondBloke
    April 6, 2008    

    Bondwoman and myself have just been having a discussion about the whole cyprus issue. She has just come back from a conference in Zurich about how the issues can be resolved. I think that we both agree tht it is for the people of Cyprus to sort it out for themselves without ooutside interference…

  2. October 29, 2008    

    At least there are initiatives made in the name of peace. Sure it will take a long time, but the most important thing here is that there is a desire to make peace exist between the two territories.

    –Somehow, we know that there will be a way for it.

    CypeVens last blog post..Hide and seek: Title deeds