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British Child Molester Jailed in Greece

The fact that there are people like this in the world makes me completely sick to my stomach. As you probably know the kid is the same age as the children he molested. This is one of the nightmares that keeps parents awake at night.

From the Associated Press

A Greek court convicted a British man on Wednesday of molesting a boy and attempting to molest another, and sentenced him to 15 years in prison.

John Norman Hardy Foss, 66, was arrested in July 2006 in the northern town of Katerini after locals told police they had seen him repeatedly pick up children in his car. He spent 17 months in jail before being released on bail before his trial.

The court in the northern city of Thessaloniki convicted him of molesting an 11-year-old boy and of attempting to molest a 12-year-old boy.

The time he spent in pretrial detention will count toward his sentence.

Foss had been living in Katerini for several years, where he was teaching English in private lessons, Greek authorities said, adding that neither of the boys involved in the case were his students.

Fifteen years is probably the rest of this mans life but that is not always the case. I think child molesters should be locked up for life. For the rest of their life, not the 25 years that sort of means life. I once had the dubious “opportunity” to visit a high security unit of a prison specifically for rapists and child molesters. Inside were the most violent and serial offenders. It was a strange and frightening experience. Most of the men in the place were NOT facing life in prison. Most of them would be out now. The idea was rehabilitation through therapy etc. Most of the staff and the men themselves admitted that the system does not work. The repeat offense rate was huge.

Not a single liberal bone in my body is moved by these people. Life in prison should mean life in prison. And any sentence less than life for child molestation/rape is not a sentence. The thought that some of these men are out in around 10 years (for a fifteen year sentence) and many of them get a lot less, is abhorrent to me. That they will be out and able to destroy another child’s life is unacceptable. I don’t know what else to say…

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  1. Xenokratis
    March 28, 2008    

    So what now Brits?? Are you going to moan and complain about the Greeks Justice? Are going to stay still not complaining that the nationalistic Greeks once again did their old trick? Is your Fair Trials abroad going to make a statetement? Are you going to ask the Helsinki Office here to provide the facts of how badly Mr British has suffered at the hands of the Greek Judiciary????

  2. Xenos
    March 28, 2008    

    Greek nationalists don’t deal with reality, DD. Everything is interpreted through the lens of propaganda, which means that they cannot understand why a British person could ever accept a (fair) Greek trial.

  3. March 28, 2008    

    Hmmmm. No.
    Read the post…

  4. Xenokratis
    March 29, 2008    

    British nationalism is what you try to refer too! These are the lot who always complain that the justice they receive abroad is ALWAYS inferior to this they expect at home! And Greece has not been the only case singled out by YOU THE British Superior humans beings but other countries too!

    Is now your flagship the Fair Trials Abroad (Analyse the very title to see who is the NATIONALIST and who is NOT?) going to complain about the inferior Greece?

    You see!! You are not only watching! We are watching you too!

  5. George
    March 29, 2008    

    This case was not about nationality. It was about a sick individual who was punished severely (as proper) for abusing a child. I think we all agree that the authorities did the right thing with this sentence.

  6. March 29, 2008    

    In absolutely no way did I suggest that the Greek justice system was inferior in this case. I wrote about child molesters/rapists in general. I did assume (wrongly) that readers would know that the prison I went to was in England not Greece. That was a mistake. Sometimes that happens when you know what you are talking about and assume others do too. Anyway, there were no comparisons made in the post between the Greek and British justice system. And there was no call for ANY leniency for this person.

    What is your problem with the title ? How does that make me a nationalist ? I really don’t understand what you mean. Can you explain it further ?

    And yes, you’ve (or someone else who holds similar views to you) warned me before that you are watching. I don’t know why you find my blog or me so threatening that you have to try and intimidate me in any way you can. If you are so concerned about one person’s personal opinions (on a blog for goodness sake !), why do you all keep coming here and driving up my traffic ? Why not just ignore it ?

    Just saying…

  7. Xenokratis
    March 29, 2008    

    Cool down DD! Nobody has problems with yours or others personal opinions but only with orchestrated antiGreek onslaught and your list is not that innocent! For some of us that have spent time in your place and regularly monitoring your media or the opinion forming Institutions we see many of thee crypto or overtly racist antiGreek opinions expresses here as a piece of a greater picture.
    As for the Devious ultra nationalistic British stance to ANYTHING Greek I suggest start buying British post more regularly, visit BBC a bit more regularly!
    I have simply turned your tables upside down!

  8. Papa Duck
    March 29, 2008    

    I really think it is Xenokratis who should cool down. I have been reading DD for quite a while and have failed to detect anything from her that could reasonably be described as an ultranationalistic British stance. Believe you me, although I have lived in England most of my life, I am a foreigner here and am very sensitive to British arrogance. I don’t know how DD avoids the trap of always seeing things through a British lens, burt she does. She should be commended, not derided.

  9. March 30, 2008    

    I’m very cool, Xenokratis ! I just wanted to ask you about why you were so wound up by my post/blog and to set the record straight about what I did or didn’t imply by this specific post.

  10. David
    March 29, 2013    

    He is now “free as a bird” -early release for “good conduct!”

  11. deviousdiva
    March 30, 2013    

    That’s very sad and frightening news. And before we have the old detractors jumping down my throat, the EXACT same thing happens in the UK.