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About the Olympics

From Brabantfeatures (BBC correspondent in Athens)

Greek police and security officials broke up a demonstration by a group of Tibetans,protesting that their athletes are banned from this summer’s Beijing Olympic Games in China.
The Tibetans attempted to light a symbolic torch, but were manhandled away from the archaeological site at Ancient Olympia in Southern Greece.
Officials from the Chinese Embassy in Athens were working closely with the Greek authorities

I would have liked to embed the video but I understand why this function has been disabled. You have to go here to see it.

Interesting and sad.


  1. March 12, 2008    

    While I totally support Tibet’s freedom and I don’t know why this ceremony had to be interrupted when the Greek state seems to have no problem letting the fascists demonstrate whenever the hell they please, I do have to question allowing an open flame in Ancient Olympia considering what happened last summer.

    All that being said, maybe it is an example of the Greek government kowtowing to Chinese officials, but the way the world is going I’m not sure anyone wants to be on their bad side.

  2. March 14, 2008    

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