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Google Translate

I added Google Translate to the sidebar (for some strange reason it keeps appearing in different places) and I was wondering how accurate it is. Obviously, an automated translating widget thingy is not going to be 100% but I looked at a couple of posts translated into Greek and it certainly seems better than others I have seen. I am hoping this might open up this blog to non-English speakers. I would like to see a decent translator on some Greek blogs because there are a number of good ones out there that I don’t have time to struggle with but would love to follow.

What do you think ?

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  1. jim_hellas
    March 11, 2008    

    It’s not very accurate but it’s ok. The nice thing about google translation is that Google allows you to suggest a better translation for each text/paragraph you think that looks weird.

    I already have a Babelfish translation button in my blog, but I think that I’ll install google translation :)

    Keep up the good work!