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International Women's Day

My friend Bollybotton at My Big Fat Greek Life had a fabulous idea for Women’s Day this year. I had fully intended to do it on the actual day but somehow it slipped my mind. Hope at Hope Dies Last also took up the challenge. Both of them wrote wonderful and inspiring lists of what they love about themselves. Go and read them and consider doing it yourself even though Women’s Day is over.

Too bad we only get one day a year.

Here’s my contribution:

I love my complicated and busy mind that is capable of profound thinking and frivolous nonsense.
I love my ability to take myself seriously but also to laugh at my shortcomings.
I love that I find it easy to connect with a variety of people even though I am very shy.
I love that I am creative and that I can use my creativity to initiate change.
I love that my words have the ability to inspire people.
I love that I am fairly non-materialistic and that my pleasure comes from simple things.
I love that I am proud of the things I have achieved in my life without being egotistical.
I love my voice. It’s taken years to get there but it is stronger and clearer than ever.
I love my athletic shape. Especially big “swimmers” shoulders.
I love my “sweet curly head” (that one’s for you!)
I love my capacity to love.
I love the love I have found, held on to and would fight fierce for.
I love my tears. They flow easily and are not reserved for sadness but express deep joy too.
I love my friends deeply and they love me.
I love that I am able to empathise with others, with people I have never met.
I love that I am a great host and can throw a good party.
I love that I have hope for the future both personally and for others.
I love that I can slob around in jeans and t-shirts but also dress like a total diva.
I love that I am able to keep learning new things and enjoy doing it.
I love my sense of humour.
I love that I am a strong, independent and capable person who is able to totally wimp out at times.
I love that I can be fragile and vulnerable at times and that I am not afraid to admit it.
I love that I am moody and that I experience great highs and lows.
I love that I can acknowledge that I am far from perfect.
I love the way my thumb ring looks on my hands.
I love my dark eyes and the way they express my inner feelings.
I love my skin with all its scars that map my life.
I love that I made it to here in spite of the challenges.

I love that I could do this.
And I enjoyed it.

Thank you Bollybutton !

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  1. March 11, 2008    

    Yipee! I loved your list, wasn’t it fun? The challenge was to not say anything negative about yourself in the process – that’s where I noticed how I put myself down. Everyone should write a list like this.

  2. March 11, 2008    

    Yes it was fun and I found it relatively easy once I started. You’re right. It does make you realise how much we put ourselves down. But after procrastinating for an hour, I wrote the fist sentence and the rest just flowed. A very positive exercise.

    Thank you.